These Walmart Sheets Make Me Feel Like I’m Sleeping in a Luxury Hotel (They’re Just as Good as the Pricier Options!)

published May 28, 2024
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A White and light wood bedroom with white shiplap covering the walls

I don’t mess around when it comes to my bedding. Since my bed is where I spend most of my time at home — we do spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping, after all — it’s the one thing I don’t mind splurging on. Though it may seem minimal compared to your mattress or pillow, sheets will make a huge difference in your quality of sleep, for better or worse. I’m sure we’ve all had an experience with a less-than-stellar set, whether it didn’t remain in place, the material wasn’t right for the season, or its feel just wasn’t soft enough. 

I’ve been there, and since starting this gig, I’ve learned that it’s worth shelling out a little more cash to make sure none of the above ever happens again. I’ve put a number of sets to the test and discovered some luxe gems that completely transformed my setup, ranging from linen to bamboo sets. However, as much as I swear by my $300 sheets, some comparable options are definitely friendlier on the wallet. Case in point: Walmart’s Hotel Style Egyptian Cotton sheets, which have newly earned a spot in my rotation.

What Is the Hotel Style Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set?

Walmart recently added over a dozen new sheets to its bedding lineup, including luxury materials like linen, bamboo, and Egyptian cotton at a lower price point than many other retailers. You’ve probably come across the latter before: The long-staple cotton is known for its high quality and soft feel, and its price reflects that. Walmart’s offering is 100% Egyptian cotton and has a 600 thread count, which falls near the ideal range. Thanks to its True Grip technology and deep pockets, it stays secure on mattresses up to 20 inches thick.

Credit: Walmart

Why I Love the Hotel Style Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set

These versatile sheets really do live up to their name. The quality and feel are on par with what you’d find in a high-end hotel, and my favorite aspect of this set is that it’s sure to be compatible with any kind of sleeper and in any kind of weather. In my case, I alternate between running hot and cold, and I put them to the test during that weird transition between spring and summer, when it’s freezing one moment then sweltering the next. Thankfully, the material is thick and durable without being suffocating. When my AC was blasting, they were cozy underneath my comforter, and when I shut the air off, they paired well with my cooling bed blanket. 

The slight sheen elevates them a bit visually (I went with the classic white, though there are 15 other colors), and instead of spending half an hour struggling to shove the ends under my mattress as usual, the extra deep sides made the process a breeze. Not too slippery, they’re just the right amount of soft and crisp. If you’ve been on the hunt for a budget-friendly set that you’ll use all year — or one for your guest room, since they’ll work for anyone — look no further.

Buy: Hotel Style Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set, Queen, $59