The Best TV Stands at Walmart, All Under $300

published Apr 18, 2023
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Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

If Walmart goes down in history for one thing, it’ll likely be for that moment when Paris Hilton asked if they “sell wall stuff” on the first season of The Simple Life. Really, though, this notable American retailer should be forever lauded over its stylish yet pleasingly affordable home goods, whether we’re talking small-space furniture pieces like bookcases and dressers or trendy sofas for every interior decor style. You also can’t overlook the numerous Walmart TV stands on offer for just $300 or less. They come in a bunch of different wood finishes and all feature an impressive amount of storage space, which also makes them perfect for small apartments. Even if you don’t own a flatscreen or prefer to stream TV shows on your laptop, it never hurts to incorporate a spacious cabinet into your living area to display your favorite decor. Once you take a peek at our top 10 TV stand picks, you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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was $284.00

Break up any bland space with a two-toned furnishing such as this compact TV stand. Black and dark brown shouldn't look so sleek together, but the Anais cabinet clearly proves otherwise. This is a solid pick if you're limited in terms of space, as it measures just 63" in length while simultaneously offering four roomy storage shelves.

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was $269.00

If you have a low-profile sofa, it only makes sense to get a TV stand that matches. This Gap Home piece not only lies close the ground, but it also won't take up too much of your wall. As a result, you could have some fun dressing the stand up with plants and other decor on either side. Its black metal legs also provide a nice contrast against the light-colored oak.

3 / 10

Whether you place this slim sideboard in the hallway, dining room, or living area, it's sure to make a statement with its minimal design and black panels. The panels are actually doors, but instead of having handles, you push to open them and reveal two spacious shelves. We foresee lots of pretty tomes, plants, and mementos adorning this stand's exposed storage spots.

4 / 10

If your TV room isn't really much to look at, we suggest this stunning beige-and-white stand. Its focal point is clearly the wavy paneled doors that conceal additional shelves. It's truly unlike any other console table you're bound to come across but still completely functional. The stand also has two inconspicuous holes in the back for cables.

5 / 10

Those who prefer a more glamorous vibe will appreciate this white-and-gold cabinet, which has a glass surface for your TV to sit on. Its frame is made of sturdy metal that'll resist warping and other damage. You also get three open surfaces for displaying objects, while two doors keep the other shelves concealed. Even if their contents are messy and disorganized, no one will ever know!

6 / 10

We love the asymmetrical design of this elegant TV stand. It's basically the smaller version of the aforementioned Wampat Modern TV Stand, so if you felt like that one was too wide for your space, you have an alternative option. This one not only has tons of shelf space, but its legs elevate it high enough off the ground so that you can store items underneath the cabinet, too.

7 / 10
was $317.00

The highlight of this TV stand is obviously the eye-catching white piping that outlines its streamlined silhouette. If you have other light-colored objects adorning your living room, this furnishing will pull them all together and give the area a more cohesive appearance. We think this stand would do really well in a boho-inspired space amid other natural materials.

8 / 10
was $287.00

This horizontal cabinet also sports a slight boho appeal, but it could also lean more Scandinavian or farmhouse. Suffice to say, no matter what your style is, you'll find a place for this versatile piece. What's more, if you're not into the open shelving look or just prefer not to have to dust as much, you'll like this TV stand's closed drawers and cabinet doors.

9 / 10
was $209.00

At just under $110, this tiny TV stand is the most affordable pick on our list. It's totally worth the money, especially if you live in a tiny studio or need something less grandiose for the kids' room. Despite the stand's miniature size, you still get four wide shelves for all your streaming accessories and family night board games, not to mention an expansive top surface for your flatscreen.

10 / 10
was $565.00

Mid-century modern design-lovers, this one is for you. This high-reaching walnut stand sports the signature refined silhouette and out-turned legs that the aesthetic is known for, but its metallic drawer knobs and door handles add a fashionable touch. Walmart shoppers say the sideboard might take a while to assemble, but its instructions are detailed and easy to follow. If you ask us, the time commitment is totally worth it.