This Smart Tip Makes Washing Your Sheets So Much Easier

published Feb 3, 2022
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I love clean-sheets night, and I know I’m not alone. In fact, I recently read about someone who washes her sheets and puts them on her bed before going on a trip so when she comes home, she has fresh sheets to snuggle up in. Genius!

But while there’s nothing quite like slipping into a set of freshly-washed sheets, getting them to that freshly-washed state can be a bit of a chore. First there’s stripping the bed, which is something of a task in and of itself. Then there’s the actual washing, which may require multiple loads and/or different detergents. (I love to use baking soda and vinegar to whiten and soften them and a lovely-smelling detergent to make the whole clean-sheets feeling even more of a sensory delight.)

After that, you still have to remember to take the sheets out of the washer and put them into the dryer and then either put them back on your bed or fold them up and store them in your linen closet.

It’s an ordeal! But there’s one tip that’s makes sheets-washing day so much easier: Wash your sheets first thing in the morning.

Why You Should Wash Your Sheets First Thing in the Morning

Nothing ruins bedtime more than discovering that your sheets are sitting wet in the washer and you have to delay going to sleep until they’re dry. Personally, I’ve done this far too many times. The hustle and bustle of the day distracts me and I walk into our bedroom to face a bare bed and the realization that I’ll have to be up for another hour.

So, my advice? Plan to wash your sheets on a day when will be home in the morning. Put your sheets in the washer right after you get up and plan to switch them to the dryer as soon as you hear the machine beep. Or, even better, put a reminder on your phone to switch your linens to the dryer.

Then, as soon as the dryer is done, put them on your bed right away. This keeps them from getting too wrinkly and makes your newly-made bed even nicer.