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This Showerhead Gives a Deep Massage That Might Be Better Than a Spa (and It Totally Transformed My Hair)

published Apr 27, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Home Depot

When’s the last time you thought about changing your showerhead? If you’re anything like me, it’s not something that crosses your mind very often. However, as we approached the one-year anniversary of lockdown last month, I found myself pondering life and its many complexities the way I always do: mid-shower. At the same time, I found myself staring at my dingy old showerhead thinking, “hmm, it might be time for an upgrade.” The concept of making our lives at home a little sweeter by turning our bathrooms into spa oases is a popular conversation here at Apartment Therapy, so I was inspired to mark one year indoors with a positive change. What I didn’t expect, however, was that this simple upgrade would make such a huge difference. Let me introduce you to the Waterpik Hair Wand Spa System.

Featuring a two-part design, this showerhead duo is unlike anything I’ve used before. What makes it different from other duos on the market, you ask? First, in lieu of a traditional detachable sprayer that’s simply a smaller version of the stationary head, the Waterpik’s hand sprayer is a totally different tool: a PowerComb water comb designed to deeply penetrate hair for a thorough rinse and scalp massage. And the stationary head is just as impressive. Featuring nine modes, the star here is the PowerPulse Massage setting, which (according to the brand and nine clinical studies) can deliver a therapeutic-strength massage right in the comfort of your own home. Suffice to say, I was intrigued.

So, what was my experience with this system? Let’s dive in. To really put its power to the test, I used it on move-in day (yep, it was one of the first things I installed after moving into my new place). With an achy body and hair in desperate need of a good wash, I hopped into the shower and immediately turned on that PowerPulse Massage. Reader, I don’t say this lightly — it was the best shower I’ve ever taken. Unlike other “massaging” heads that I’d liken more to being struck with paintballs in rapid succession, this one actually feels like a deep yet gentle massage.

As for the PowerComb, I’m honestly perplexed as to how I’ve lived so long without it. Not only did it massage my scalp like no other, but the clean I got from it was also astounding. As someone who uses a fair amount of hair products, I strive for the deepest clean I can get, but I’m only human and sometimes it’s not as thorough as I’d like. This comb, however, easily passed through my thick, curly hair, rinsed out all the product, and left my scalp soothed and flake-free. I even noticed a difference post-shower; my hair felt lighter at the root and no longer weighed down — the definition of a good clean.

When I began my search for a showerhead, I had one main criterion: It had to feel luxe to everything but my wallet (smart-shopping is the key, people). At just $65, this showerhead delivers a system I could have (and honestly would have) spent much more on. So if you’re looking for a quick and affordable way to up your shower game this spring, the Waterpik Hair Wand Spa System might just be the ticket. Your body (and your hair) will thank you.

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