4 Ways a Clutter-Free Bedroom Has Greatly Improved My Mood

published Feb 13, 2023
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I think of myself as an aspiring minimalist at heart. I’m someone who would choose experiences over things any day of the week. This also means I’m constantly looking for ways to conquer clutter despite having a husband and kids who don’t always share my same enthusiasm for getting rid of unwanted stuff. Even if minimalism isn’t your thing, I think anyone could benefit from having a peaceful, uncluttered space in their home. For me, one of those spaces is the bedroom. Your bedroom is where you sleep, regain your clarity, and find pleasure in your life.

Here are four ways having fewer things in my bedroom has improved my mood and made it the peaceful getaway I need to be the best version of myself.

I see only the most important things

The beauty of decluttering a space is realizing what items bring you the most joy. My joy comes in the form of two pictures on opposing sides of my bedroom. One is of my husband and me in the middle of a field with a sunset behind us. The second is a large black-and-white photo taken while hiking in Acadia National Park on our wedding anniversary. I have seen these pictures hundreds of times while walking into my bedroom, but they bring back happy memories each time I look at them. Having a decluttered space with the most important things in clear view puts me in a better mood instantly.

I have a more peaceful state of mind

With fewer items taking up space, I feel calmer spending time in my bedroom. It’s indeed my quiet space where I can close the door, focus on the light coming in from the windows, and take a time-out for myself when I need it. With minimal furniture in the room, I have space to do some yoga if needed or a quick meditation using an app on my phone. My mind feels more at peace because I don’t have any clutter mentally clogging my thoughts.

I spend less time cleaning

Less stuff means less time needed to clean. As a result, it means more time to invest in projects and activities that I love. I have been able to decrease the number of times I need to clean my bedroom in a week simply because it doesn’t get dusty as quickly. Knowing I have more time to go on a walk or write has improved my outlook every day.

I have better concentration

I can easily get distracted when I have a lot to look at. With my desk taking up a corner of my bedroom and serving as a cozy writing nook, I must have a space that encourages concentration. Having fewer stationary objects in my eye view gives me better mental clarity to spark ideas. I don’t get caught up with items sitting on the dresser because they simply don’t exist. Feeling like I can focus easier helps me get more done and, as a result, improves my mood.

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