This TikToker Incorporated Wedding Flowers Into A One-Of-A-Kind Table

published Nov 20, 2022
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Credit: Seth Mourra/Stocksy

Couples have repurposed their wedding flowers in plenty of different ways over the years, from turning them into candles to having them professionally preserved. But have you ever heard of someone incorporating wedding flowers into a table?! A TikToker went viral for explaining how she did just that.

In a recent video, woodworker Nita (@nitasfluidwoodwork) explained how she preserved a former client’s wedding flowers as part of a stunning, custom wooden table. The TikTok DIY hack clearly resonated with viewers, racking up over 32,800 likes and over 333,900 views.

“It’s stunning!” one user wrote. “I wish it was a thing when I got married!!”

Another added: “This has to be the most amazing usage of wedding flowers I’ve ever seen.”

Nita also directed viewers toward a full YouTube video she made chronicling the entire process of incorporating preserved flowers into the table. After cleaning and flattening the wood and fitting it to the table frame, Nita began assembling the flowers — which she dried using silicone beads — within the cracks between the wood. Next, she began carefully applying coats of resin over the wood and flowers, letting them sit and cure. Finally, Nita sanded the surface down and filled in all the cracks in the wood with glue.

Although the woodworker didn’t list an exact price for the table, a peek at her website shows that her custom tables tend to retail anywhere between $597 and $2,255, depending on the size and contents of the table. The more you know!

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