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There’s a Surprisingly Helpful Cleaning Tool You Might Not Have in Your Arsenal — Yet

published Nov 12, 2021
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People tend to approach cleaning from the angle of deciding what they want to clean. For instance, you may set out to finally clean up and scrub down your primary bedroom to make it the sanctuary it’s supposed to be. Or you might begin to tackle a chaotic house by whipping the kitchen back into shape.

This method yields a cleaned-up space and some measure of the inner calm that comes along with it. A tidy, fresh looking room is uplifting for sure. But you can miss some detailed cleaning needs when you’re focused primarily on the big picture of cleaning up a whole room.

Approaching cleaning by the product or tool you’re going to use gives you a different perspective and aids in thoroughly addressing spots that might be overlooked in your typical cleaning routine.

This weekend, you’re going to pick one very specific cleaning tool and go around the house cleaning everything that it can help with.

This Weekend: Use a razor blade to clean around the house.

Definitely take care when using a razor blade to clean, not only for yourself but for the surfaces you’re using them on. Be aware that even seemingly hard surfaces like glass can scratch. You can use a straight razor or use a holder that turns a plain razor into a scraper tool.

That said, here are some places you might find a razor blade useful:

  • Scraping stubborn burned-on messes off glass stove tops.
  • Removing sticky messes from tile flooring.
  • Removing dried paint splatters from flooring, windows, or trim. (Be careful not to scratch or gouge any delicate surfaces!)
  • Clearing crumbs out of the spaces between your stovetop and and countertops.
  • Scraping sticker residue from glass surfaces.
  • Scraping sap or other stubborn substances from window exteriors.
  • Removing price tag residue from items.

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