I Thought All Towels Were Created Equal — Until I Tried These Ones (They’re on Rare Sale!)

updated Oct 5, 2022
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Credit: Weezie

Like most adult people, I have somehow, over the past decade or so, accumulated a lot of towels. I have makeup-stained towels, beach towels, blue towels, white towels, tiny towels, giant towels… you get the idea. But until recently, I felt an attachment to exactly zero of the towels in my collection. My collection of towels were all pretty much equal in my mind—and ultimately, mentally disposable. Eventually, the oldest ones would get relegated to that space in the closet where we store the random cloths we use for washing the dog or cleaning up spills. Soon after, they’d be replaced by an equally inexpensive towel from Target or IKEA. And so the cycle would continue.

So when luxury towel brand Weezie sent me a couple of their signature towels to try out, I was a little skeptical. Sure, I thought they would be nice enough, but at the end of the day they were still just towels. Turns out, I was very wrong. 

First of all, Weezie doesn’t just offer bath towels, they also sell bath sheets. If you’re not familiar with bath sheets, they are essentially giant, luxurious, wrap-around-your-whole-body towels. At $88 for a single bath sheet, though, not even the idea of an extra large, fluffy towel had me completely sold — until I tried them. But for a limited time, they are rarely discount for Weezie’s Birthday Sale (only $66!). As soon as I first used that big cozy bath sheet, I knew I had been doing things wrong all my life. I wanted to throw out all my falling apart, makeup stained monstrosities and replace them with only bath sheets. Yes, they were expensive, but they felt like they would also last me a long, long time. Plus, all of Weezie’s towels (the regular bath towel as well as the bath sheet) come with little fabric pieces on the corner in order to hang the towels easily on hooks—a unique convenience that helped seal the deal.

Credit: Weezie

In addition to my new love, the bath sheet, Weezie also offers all the standard bath towel variations, like washcloths, hand towels, and designated makeup towels (which are dark navy—impossible to stain). If picking and choosing isn’t your thing, though, the brand also sells a starter pack with a pair of hand towels and a pair of bath towels. All of these are 25 percent off right now, too!

A fun detail? The brand also offers monogramming for $15 per item, which is a great way for feeling gratuitously fancy or, more practically, designating guest bathroom versus master bathroom towels in some sneaky way.

Credit: Weezie

A strange thing about getting older is you find yourself enjoy tiny, day-to-day things that you never thought would make a difference. Turns out, buying the best possible version of something you use daily (at a minimum) makes a huge difference in how you feel. It’s an opportunity to treat yourself again and again, day in and day out. So if you’re looking to treat yourself in a way that’s going to last you years instead of just a season or two, I highly suggest investing in a Weezie bath towel or two—or, hey, if you’re feeling really wild, maybe even a bath sheet.

Buy: Weezie Piped Edge Bath Sheet, $66 (normally $88)