Weird Things People Do in the Shower

published Dec 16, 2014
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Your shower may have been designed purely for washing your skin and hair — but that doesn’t mean that’s all that goes on there. For the sake of science, and for the sake of writing an Apartment Therapy post about weird things people do in the shower, I took an informal survey of co-workers and friends (and did some cursory internet searches), which turned up all kinds of showertime activities that have nothing to do with bathing. Here are seven of the most unusual.

Do laundry.
This actually isn’t weird so much as brilliant, honestly. Here (according to the friend who told me about this genius home hack) is how it works: “You put your clothes in a 5 gallon plastic bucket with some laundry detergent. And then you stomp on them while you shower.” Sounds simple enough, right? Although apparently wringing everything out once you’re done is a bit of a pain.

Clean the shower.
Many of those polled admitted to cleaning the shower while cleaning themselves in the shower. Two birds, one stone.

Brush your teeth.
Another timesaver.

Drink beer.
I thought I was the only person who did this until a friend pointed out that there is an entire subreddit devoted to the fine art of drinking beer in the shower. Hot shower, cold beer — it’s supremely relaxing. Just be sure to place the bottle (or can) out of the stream.

Eat snacks.
I thought I was really wild with the shower beer thing, but then I was able to find multiple people who would admit to eating actual food in the shower. The chosen snacks ranged from raisins, to chocolate, to… a cookie? How does one eat a cookie in the shower? The trick, my co-worker explained, is to eat the whole cookie in one go, immediately upon entering the shower. “You just stand there eating it, and the water’s hot, and you’re eating a cookie.” Sounds pretty nice.

The existence of an Urban Dictionary entry for ‘shower nap’ led me to believe that this might actually be a thing that people do. Then, happily, a co-worker confirmed that she once knew someone who did this… in the communal shower at a dorm. Look, whatever you do in the privacy of your own home is fine by me… but in a dorm? That seems a little unsanitary.