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What Can I Do About the Noisy Water Pipes in My Bedroom Wall?

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Q: I live on the sixth floor of an eight floor apartment building. My bedroom is sandwiched between two pipe locations – on one wall, the bathroom pipes for the two units directly above mine. On the other wall, the pipes for the neighboring unit, and their two upstairs neighbors. The way the room is set up with doors, windows and a radiator, the only places for my bed are on those pipe walls – and the best place is by the neighbor-wall.

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I am starting to go crazy from waking up every time any of my upstairs adjacent apartments needs to use the bathroom – which is a frustrating surprise throughout the night, but is a most frustrating daily 6:30 am wake up.

My landlord won’t go into the walls and do anything directly to the pipes, so I’m left with what I can do to the exterior of the walls. Looking for advice to dampen (or eliminate!!) the sound from the walls using only remedies of things I can do to my own wall exterior. Extra points if they’re things I could un-install whoever I move out without leaving huge damage.

Please help! I’m tired (literally) of seeing 6am on Saturdays! — Sent by Jill

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