A Hutch Could Be the Multipurpose Solution to Your Storage Woes

published Aug 12, 2023
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Have a large collection of hand-me-down dinnerware you want to show off during a dinner party? Or a trove of first-edition books begging to be displayed in a living room? A hutch may be the solution to both of these problems and more. Ahead, find out what a hutch is used for, why you might need one, and what the differences are between a hutch, a China cabinet, and a credenza. Ultimately, you’ll come away knowing which one is the storage solution that will transform your space.

Quick Overview

What is a hutch, anyway?

A hutch is a versatile piece of furniture with shelves or cabinets stacked on top of a larger lower storage unit.

What is a hutch?

A hutch is a piece of furniture typically consisting of shelves or cabinets stacked on top of a larger lower unit. It can be used for storing or displaying everything from dishes, glassware, and books — depending on the room you choose to have it in. The upper shelves or cabinets of the hutch may have glass doors to further show off the items inside, and some come with interior lighting to highlight your items. Hutches can come in various styles and sizes, making them versatile pieces of furniture for traditional settings and ultra-modern houses. A hutch can be equally at home in a kitchen, dining room, or living room.

What is a hutch used for?

The hutch’s versatility means it can easily adapt to whatever room it is used in. In a kitchen, hutches are often used to store and display delicate dishes or other kitchenware — maybe you remember the “good china” in a family kitchen hutch. A hutch can also store silverware, serving dishes, or dinnerware in a dining room setting. If you’re looking for a way to display books, collectibles, or artwork, a hutch will make a great addition to a living room as a focal point for a collection, with the bonus of built-in storage below. This adaptability means that hutches can be used in various ways that serve multiple purposes, adding functionality and style to a space.

Hutch vs. China Cabinet vs. Buffet

A hutch and a china cabinet are both types of furniture used for storage and display purposes. The main difference between them lies in their design and functionality.

While the hutch typically consists of shelves or cabinets stacked on top of a lower unit, a china cabinet is specifically designed to display and store china and other fine dinnerware. It usually has a glass front with shelves, providing a clear view of the serving dishes. A china cabinet will also often have a more formal and traditional appearance than a hutch.

Buffets and credenzas are also types of furniture commonly found in the same rooms as a hutch, although they operate a bit differently. A buffet, also known as a sideboard, is typically a long and low piece of furniture with drawers and cabinets for storage. These are often used for serving food during a meal and usually have a flat top used for dishes.

Much like the buffet, a credenza is also a low piece of furniture that can be used in different rooms, although it is frequently used in living rooms. It has cabinets and drawers for storage and is popularly used as a media console to house a TV on a stand, although it can also be used in an office for storage.