10 Products You Need If You Just Adopted a Dog

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Thanks to more time at home over the past year or so, many people have fostered or adopted dogs (hey, we’ll take good news where we can get it). If it’s your first time welcoming a canine friend into your home, there’s a lot to learn, prep, and buy. While ultimately what your dog needs is you (your time, your patience, your love), you’re going to need some supplies, too. From the basics like a bed and a leash to the extra accessories you might not think of, we’re here to help you out. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 essentials to put on your pupper-prep shopping list.

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A reliable leash is a must, and it will likely be one of the first purchases you make for your new pup. This retractable leash comes with a collapsible bowl for long walks, as well as a bag dispenser, both of which can be clipped onto the leash for easy access.

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A crate gives your dog a safe, secure place to hang out when you’re not home (or chill when you are), which is great for your peace of mind — and your pup’s! This easy-to-assemble and easy-to-clean option has two doors, as well as a divider panel that allows the crate to expand as your dog grows. It also folds up and has adjustable handles, so you can conveniently carry it anywhere. Just remember: Always remove collars, tags, leashes, and the like before you close your furry buddy inside!

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Another item you'll need ASAP is a strong collar with a tag. (Bonus points if it doubles as a stylish accessory for your new furry friend.) This dog collar comes with a personalized tag, and you can choose from three different colors and sizes. Plus, the tag sits flat against the collar, avoiding that constant jingling noise and making sure that your pup's tag will not fall off.

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Make mealtime less messy with this double dog feeder. It comes with stainless steel bowls, which are not only easier to clean than, say, plastic, but they’re also more durable and less likely to trap bacteria. The silicone mat will protect your floors from scratches and keep mealtime contained thanks to the raised border that catches spills from sloppy eaters. (No judgment!)

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For parents of puppies or energetic dogs who need to be kept occupied, the Kong can be a godsend. Just fill with treats, peanut butter, or something yummy to help soothe separation anxiety or relieve boredom. Even when empty, the Kong’s shape causes it to bounce unpredictably, keeping your pet entertained when you’re not there to play fetch. Choose from size XS to XXL to find the just-right pick for your pooch.

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Treat your pup to a mattress-quality bed for a good night's rest. This foam dog bed by Casper has a durable cover that's also machine washable. It's priced a little higher than other dog beds you might find at your local pet store, but it's sure to last.

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Leash training will probably be a big priority for you and your new doggo. Unlike other harnesses, this one is designed to train dogs not to pull when walking. It even comes with a leash that can attach in two places on the harness for better steering and control.

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At first glance, this genius device may not seem like a must-have item, but we're pretty sure you'll be adding it to your wishlist anyway. The Furbo camera allows you to check in on your dog when you're not at home. You can monitor them through a video feed, get notified when they're barking, and even toss them treats to get their attention.

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Fun fact: Even “non-shedding” pups shed a little bit, and depending on the breed, puppies don’t start shedding their baby coat until they're approximately six months old. So while you may not initially think you need a pet hair vacuum, consider snagging one anyway. Bissell’s easy-grip handheld option seamlessly picks up pet hair and dirt on your upholstery, stairs, floors, and other surfaces, so you can breathe easy and keep your home fur free(ish).

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Besides their regular food, you'll also want to have treats on hand to train and reward your new pup. These treats are great because they double as a kind of doggy toothbrush and breath freshener. Plus, they're chock full of vitamins!