Forget Your Zodiac, Here’s What Your Zillow Scrolling Habits Say About You

published Jul 11, 2021
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The types of homes you’re drawn to say a lot about how you feel about your life. According to a recent survey, 55 percent of Americans admit to spending anywhere between one to four hours a day scrolling Zillow. But not all of those house hunters are actually looking to buy a new home. Some are using Zillow as an escape from the endless stress that’s been brought on by many months of uncertainty. This is why Lacy Colson, a real estate agent with The Colson Group/Signature Real Estate Group, says your aimless Zillow scrolling might not be that aimless after all. Here’s what your scrolling might say about you.

Are you a renter who’s just started looking at homes for sale?

If you’ve been considering buying a home for a while, and just recently found yourself addicted to the daily grind of checking active listings (and watching them disappear), Colson says that this may be a sign that your self-esteem has gotten a recent boost. “If somebody is renting for a long time and they’re just scrolling around at night, it could mean that they’re finally feeling worthy enough [to buy].” 

Have you been eyeing mansions and other larger-than-life properties?

If you’re looking at homes that would be a major upgrade from where you live now, Colson says it may mean that you’re ready for a big change. She says these types of searches can be a good indication that it’s time to make a career move, or that you’re ready to grow in some other way. “It could also be a sign that maybe you’ve been lenient on yourself and not pushing yourself enough,” she says.

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Does your scrolling take you to typical tourist spots?

Are your searches skewed toward beach towns or mountain resort areas? Then Colson says that there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve been working too hard and are in need of a break. 

Are you a suburbanite with a ‘big city’ search history?

Do your daily Zillow scrolls take you from the comfort of your suburban or rural home, and drop you in downtown Manhattan? If so, Colson says you’re likely looking for a change.

“[These people] probably feel like things have gotten stagnant in life,” she says. “They just need something different — just a change of scenery.” Something else these types of searches might indicate you’re missing? Entertainment. After a year of closed theaters, shuttered bars, and cancelled game nights, it’s no wonder that people might be drawn to something bigger and more exciting than what they currently know. 

Do your searches have you trading your urban surroundings for wide open spaces?

Colson says if you’re currently living in a major city and find yourself frequently checking properties in small towns, your brain may be telling you that things have been going too fast lately, and you need a chance to just slow it all down. “I would say it’s a sign you’re overworked, and that you need a change of pace.” 

Now that you have this information, what should you do?

It’s been Colson’s experience that if people are looking for an outside change, it’s because something inside needs to change. So, what’s her advice if you find yourself caught in one of these scrolling patterns?

“Go for it. If there’s something in you that’s making you scroll at night, trust your gut and trust your instincts, because it may be the home that takes you somewhere.”  She adds that if you don’t dare dream it, it can’t happen. “If you’re scrolling around looking at mansions, you’re one step closer to actually being able to get one.”