What’s Your Style Profile?

published Oct 13, 2015
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We at Apartment Therapy use these eight design styles to sum up different looks and attitudes towards interiors. Here’s what each represent.

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A. New Traditional: You gravitate towards classic formal design, but are relaxed and updated given how we actually live today. You proudly showcase family heirlooms, but aren’t afraid of new furniture, as long as you recognize the familiar shapes. Look for rich hues mixed with warm, creamy white, deep browns and true blacks. Lighter and brighter accent colors modernize the look, as do smaller-scale patterns. Texture comes from dark wood, metals, marble, and gold details that keep everything from looking boring.

B. Contemporary Cottage: You keep things casual, but don’t want to completely sacrifice style in the process. You think rooms should exude warmth and welcome, aided by comfortable furniture, soft lighting, and low-key materials like canvas, denim and wool. When you shop, it’s the creamy whites, washed blues, rosy reds, mustard yellows, and olive colors that call your name. Nothing would make you happier than a small cottage by the ocean, or bed & breakfast in the English countryside.

C. Happy Modern: You love clean, low-profile modern shapes but also like to jazz them up with a dose of fun. You gravitate towards color, pattern and playful details grounded with classic shapes. You want your home to feel light and easy. When you shop, look for simple shapes: Midcentury sofas, straight lines, nothing too plush or embellished. In your decor, use plenty of bright white but don’t forget to add in lots of color where you can. Accessories or textiles are great for a pop, or really commit to your favorite color on a larger piece of furniture or the wall.

D. Eclectic Collector: You never shy away from global influences or patina. You like items with a story and you are less worried about them “going together.” You like to mix up different elements to create a stylish mish-mash that reflects your unique point of view. The thrift store and flea market are your friends. They are the perfect place to find hidden treasures (on the cheap) and experiment with layered looks. Don’t be afraid to mix styles and eras with your furniture and decor. Embrace the worn-in and preserve patina and, most of all, have fun and follow your instincts.

E. Simple Chic: You put a lot of thought in your home and love spaces that are beautifully pared down to the essentials. Individual elements an range from rustic to luxurious, and you like to surround yourself with linens, light and weathered wood, soft cottons, knits, and ceramics. Your overall palette leans toward focused and elegant, with white, cream, pale grey, soft brown, black and pastels. European (especially French or Scandinavian) country homes probably make your heart flutter.

F. Classic Glam: You love good bones and interesting details like molding or pattern. You gravitate towards a soothing palette — softer colors, darks or neutrals — but you also love a good metallic accent. You don’t mind ornate shapes or extra frills and you have a sense of history about your decor. Look for decor with detail and shape. Don’t shy away from pattern, but keep it classic, not crazy. Try tufting. Keep the color palette calm but if you find a colorful item you love, go for it. Add extra interest with plenty of shiny metal. Use knick knacks to express your style.

G. Warm Industrial: You’re pretty casual; comfort at home is super important to you. You’re into rustic details, often with elements of wood, leather and metal but you keep it warm with lots of texture and plenty of light. You don’t like things that are too finished, in fact, you revel in the rough. Stick to mostly neutral colors in shades of grey, taupe and black but don’t let it get boring. Use metals and glass and brick to add lots of interest. Try highlighting tall ceilings with a pendant light. Don’t shy away from showing off interesting architecture or detail. Look for leather that will wear in beautifully and last a lifetime.

H. Organic Modern: You walk the line between minimal, clean lines of contemporary design, and beautiful, often luxurious, natural elements and forms. You eschew flash for everyday luxuries, like a well-designed teapot, that are mindful and tasteful. The outdoors is often your inspiration, realized with raw-edge wood, leather, fur, linen and natural stone. Not surprisingly, your palette is most likely filled with neutrals and warm and cool whites, along with other earthy shades, like mossy green.