This Popular Pet Brand Launched a Stylish Collection of Dog Crates That Double as Furniture

published Mar 10, 2022
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Credit: Whisker

If you’ve ever had a pet, you know the importance of giving them a comfortable space to call their own. For dogs, that could be a separate room in the house, a wire crate, or a cozy couch-side bed. Pet furniture has come a long way, and the only thing better than combining fashion and function for our furry friends is taking it a step further with a piece of furniture the whole family can enjoy — paws and all.

Whisker, the popular pet brand known for modern cat-focused products like the best-selling Litter-Robot, has marked a MAJOR milestone by launching their first-ever collection of dog furniture. Though they already have the cat-and-dog-friendly Feeder-Robot, they’re leaping fully into the canine category with this latest launch. Available in two design-forward styles, Barn Door and Barrister, the dog crates are delightfully dual-purpose, acting not only as a safe place for your pet but also an elegant accent table for your home. 

“Whisker has long wanted to enter the canine space, and we first quietly did so with the Feeder-Robot, which is used by thousands of pet parents now. However, with so many dog parents on Team Whisker, we couldn’t stop at just the Feeder-Robot,” said Whisker CEO Jacob Zuppke. “We felt like the dog crate was an opportunity to redesign in a way that integrates with your home, serving as both a functional piece of furniture and a comfortable space for your dog!”

Whisker’s crates are made of composite wood to withstand any scratches or spills that would potentially damage traditional wood. They’re equipped with tabletops that support up to 50 pounds, drawers that can hold 15 pounds worth of items, and a spacious area for your dog to get some rest and relaxation. Retailing at $799 each, both crates fit small to medium breeds and come with a mat that has a machine-washable cover.

While both of these crates will look beautiful in homes of any size, I’m especially excited about what this launch means for those of us living in small spaces! Blurring the line between pet products and home furniture is a smart solution for pet parents who may not have room for a large crate without sacrificing other home essentials. Check out the details on each dog crate below, and see Whisker’s full collection of pet furniture here.

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With an open-view design, this 33.7" x 30" farmhouse-style dog crate has an all-over light grey finish and metal frame to keep your pet secure. The sliding barn door can be locked with a bottom latch, and its two drawers keep items safe and sound for clean organization.

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Measuring 33.7" x 29.9", this refined Barrister Crate has slates on three sides, so your dog can see the room while secured inside. Both doors have latches at the bottom, and they can be raised vertically and slide underneath the tabletop to be hidden from sight.