12 White Pumpkin Decor Ideas to Get Your Home in the Fall Spirit

published Jul 28, 2023
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white shelves with books, plants, white pumpkins

Fall decor isn’t just about regular old orange pumpkins anymore — white pumpkin decor has officially entered the chat. Whether you’re a fan of neutral color palettes or are just looking to switch things up, white pumpkins are a great way to give your fall decor a fresh, sophisticated look. The best part is they pair well with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas decor, which means you can set them out as soon as temperatures begin to drop and keep them up until you ring in the new year. 

If you need a little visual inspiration to get going on a neutral fall decorating scheme early, you’re in the right spot. These 12 white pumpkin decor ideas are easy to mimic and ready for the spotlight this season. 

Credit: Amanda Baker

1. White Pumpkin Centerpiece

Whether you’re setting up to host Thanksgiving or just looking to spruce up daily family dinners, a white pumpkin centerpiece is a great way to add some fall flair to your tabletop. You can stick to just white pumpkins, or add in some green gourds for a multi-toned look, which is what Amanda Baker from @holly_lodge_home did here. Use branches and fall foliage to fill in the nooks and crannies in between the pumpkins, and add some candlesticks and candles to finish it off.

2. Elegant Front Door Display

You can create a stunning fall-themed front door display in many ways, but if you’re aiming for an elegant look, white pumpkins are the way to go. Pair them with other types of specialty pumpkins, potted mums, oversized lanterns, fall foliage wreaths, and a pretty welcome mat to make the look feel complete. That’s exactly what Instagrammer Neha of @thehomeinvogue did, and the result is something that can live on well into November or December, depending on the climate where you live.

3. Spooky Halloween Vignette

When it comes to Halloween decorating, white pumpkins are the perfect way to add a ghostly, spooky feel to your space. Instagrammer Toni Mogensen’s cozy and rustic living room got a major makeover for Halloween using white pumpkins, black candlesticks, a feathery black wreath, and gothic black fabric draped over the mantel. Cozy things up with LED or real candles collected in your firebox. 

4. White Pumpkin Succulent Planters

Pumpkin succulent planters are the perfect way to feature some greenery in your fall decor. Using white pumpkins rather than orange ones results in a more neutral vibe that puts the focus on the adorable succulents themselves. All you have to do is hollow out the pumpkin and then fill it with something that provides drainage — plus dirt and your chosen plants. They’re also available for purchase from companies like Kreation Succulents, whose plant arranging work you see here. 

Credit: Layne Rice

5. “Floating” Miniature White Pumpkins

Repurpose those old candlestick holders you have lying around to recreate these whimsical floating miniature white pumpkins, just as Layne Rice of @domainelayne did here. They’re perfect for displaying on dining tables, sideboards, mantels, bookshelves, and more. Use candlesticks of varying heights to achieve a visually interesting, staggered look.

6. Miniature White Pumpkins in a Bowl

Once the fall weather hits, try swapping out your bowl of lemons for a bowl of miniature white pumpkins for a simple, sophisticated look. Using a glass bowl or container will give your display a more elegant feel, while a wooden bowl will lend the vignette a more rustic touch. Meg of @thechippedpaintrevival went the more rustic route with her dough bowl turned display vessel, which looks great on open shelving. You could also try this idea on a counter, kitchen island, or tabletop as well.

7. Whimsical Witchy White Pumpkins

Put your white pumpkins in an adorable spooky “costume” with one key witchy accessory for the Halloween season: a black hat! This tiny touch, as seen on Cherie Hallock’s instagram feed, gives a basic white pumpkin a whimsical makeover without going overboard. Plus, the hats can be easily removed once it’s time to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving decor.

8. White Pumpkin Wreath Accents

Wreaths are a staple of fall decorating. Switch things up this year with a white pumpkin-accented wreath. The best part is that white pumpkins can be paired with nearly any color palette to fit your decorating style, so there are endless possibilities when it comes to the final look of your wreath. Instagrammer Melissa Skidmore of @daisymaebelle went with a traditional autumnal palette of mustards, golds, and oranges, but you could lean into purples, blues, or even pinks if that’s more your speed. 

9. Elegant White Pumpkin Shelf Decor

Add a seasonal touch to your space in a sophisticated, understated way with a few white pumpkins as shelfie decorative objects. To really nail the look, grab pumpkins in a couple of different sizes and shapes to help create balance and depth in the finished look, just as instagrammer Kimberly Jean of @blessedandhumblehome did.

Credit: Sarah Guiler

10. Neutral Boho Fall Decor

White pumpkin decor offers the perfect opportunity to create a neutral boho look. Pumpkins in shades of pink and cream are great companions to white pumpkins for this style, along with dried grasses and florals in similar hues. In this front door display by Sarah Guiler, faux ceramic and rattan pumpkins add texture to the look while the rustic metal candle holders make the space feel complete. 

11. White Pumpkin Candlestick Holders

Create a whimsical fall tablescape by using large white pumpkins as candlestick holders for a variety of fall-colored candlesticks, just as Toni Mogensen did. Pair the pumpkins with some fall branches and foliage, a linen tablecloth, amber glassware, and some velvety ribbon for a dreamy look that is sure to impress at Thanksgiving.

12. White Jack-o’-Lanterns

Just because you’re using white pumpkins doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on the jack-o’-lantern fun! Of course, you can always carve real white pumpkins, but you can also create some faux white jack-o’-lanterns to enjoy for years to come. All you need for this project, according to Keeley McKendree, is some regular plastic jack-o’-lanterns and a can of white spray paint!