Why Hannah & Brandon’s Living Room Works: 7 Lessons to Steal

updated Oct 16, 2022
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(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

A common problem with many living spaces is either going too overboard with stuff that the whole space feels unpleasant, or trying to go minimal and ending up with a room that feels empty. But there’s a perfect sweet spot where you can have a room that has just the right amount of elements. We think this living room gets it just right.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

This room from Hannah & Brandon’s “Ever Evolving” Classically Modern Reno is working beautifully because of these design details:

1. Non-neutral furniture that’s bold but still soothing
By choosing a non-typical color — like beige or brown — instead going for a pale, blush pink, the room immediately has a ton of style. Going for a bold piece of furniture grabs a lot of attention — and means you don’t have to take up visual space with unneeded stuff. But while they went with a surprising sofa set choice, it’s not loud. It’s a soothing pale pink that strikes a balance between bold and calming.

2. Solo, vertical art is bold but minimal
As much as an awesome wall collage or long horizontal art piece over a sofa looks amazing, Hannah and Brandon went in another direction. Their bold painting in a big gold frame is vertical. It’s a statement piece, and letting it sit surrounding by nothing but negative space makes it stand out. It’s another bold choice that also soothes by not overwhelming with a ton of frames or canvases.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

3. A tall lamp helps define a seating area
Arc lamps, while they sometimes command a pretty penny, are a beautiful and easy way to add not just height and drama to a space, but a way to add coziness by defining a seating area. In this room, gorgeously tall ceilings are stunning, but could leave a living room cold. A lamp arcing gently over the seating area creates coziness and warmth, though.

4. Foregoing window treatments lets architecture sing
It’s an intentional choice here, only covering the windows with blinds rather than slathering them in fabric curtains. Though curtains would certainly add to the drama of a space, by keeping the windows simple, more light gets in and the architecture’s beautiful lines go unbroken.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

5. A perfect and curated corner vignette helps anchor the space
Dealing with traffic flow in your space can be tough in certain room configurations. In this room, though it would make more conversational sense to scoot the side chair in closer, for traffic flow it needs to be tucked in the corner. So how to get around that not feeling awkward? They created a full, vibrant corner vignette that anchors the chair and makes the entire room feel full.

6. A mix of patterns adds a layer of texture and interest
The rug’s fun pattern complements the throw pillows patterns perfectly because they kept them all in the same color palette and geometry-inspired. Not only does this draw your eye around the seating arrangement, it again allows them to not have to fill the entire space with stuff; the seating arrangement looks plenty interesting with just a handful items.

(Image credit: Kathryn Bacalis)

7. Height adds interest to a coffee table and a tray corrals clutter
I am the personal worst at keeping just a few flat books on a coffee table. Here, a fun elephant figurine adds a little height atop of small books adding interest. A sturdy tray corrals other small bits and items, making sure there’s not even one spot in this room that feels cluttered.

The result — it’s a room that feels interesting and sophisticated, without feeling cluttered or overwhelming. It’s a breath of fresh air and fun!

What lessons do you see working in this room that I didn’t mention? Describe what you think is working in this room below!