Check Out This Wireless Light Switch That Works With Any Lamp

published Jul 27, 2022
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How many times have you gotten cozy in your bed and then realized you forgot to hit the light switch at the other side of the room? According to one viral TikTok video, you’ll never have to deal with that again.

TikTok user Hindadi (@home_decohh), you can pick up wireless light switches on Amazon that allow you to control power to any light in your home from any location. Hindadi stuck her switch to her nightstand to control her bedside table lamps, but the possibilities are truly endless.

Imagine installing one of these switches on your nightstand to control your bathroom light so you don’t have to wander in there in the dark? Genius!

There are a few wireless light switch models available on Amazon. The first requires you to do a bit of wiring on your lamp in order to install the receiver box. It’s not terribly complicated, but you may want to get an electrician in to make sure you haven’t literally crossed your wires.

Credit: Amazon

Or, you can grab the DEWENWILS remote control light sockets, which can be installed in most modern lamps and light fixtures and don’t require any electrical knowledge whatsoever. One remote can control two sockets.

Credit: Amazon

And DEWENWILS also sells a plug-in version of their wireless light switch and receiver kits, which literally just plugs into the wall and then you can plug whichever light you’d like to control remotely into the receiver.

Credit: Amazon

The light switches can be stuck anywhere that is most convenient, or could even be left un-stuck so you can take them anywhere and have complete control, no matter where you are. 

Here’s to never having to get out of bed after you’re already cozy again.