7 Wooden Bath Mats That’ll Instantly Upgrade Your Space

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If there’s any place in your home you want to make sure is soothing, it’s your bathroom. One unexpected (yet easy) way to add zen vibes to your space is with a wooden bath mat, like the ones you’d find at a spa. While it’s true a wooden bath mat won’t give you that same plush feeling underfoot like a softer textile would, its warm, woodsy vibe instantly creates a welcoming feel. Plus, they’re typically easier to keep clean, which never hurts.

Another positive of wooden mats: Their modern, architectural feel looks good in just about any space. Place one in a bold, bright bathroom for a natural touch, or let a wooden mat enhance the minimalist vibes in your calming, simple space. Ready to turn your bathroom into an at-home spa? See our picks below for the best wooden bath mats on the market right now. 

Bamboo Bath Mat

Simple and sleek, this small, multi-toned mat works perfectly in tight spaces. Its slats are fairly open, and it sits a couple inches off the floor, so you could even use it as a covering over your regular bath mat. Of course, it’s just as functional and stylish on its own. 

Buy: Bamboo Bath Mat, $45 from Urban Outfitters

Hinoki Wood Bath Mat

Each of The Citizenry’s upscale hinoki mats takes over a week to complete, as they’re handcrafted start to finish in a Fair Trade facility in Japan. That means they’re pretty near perfect—no knots to be found. That’s good enough, but it gets better: The hinoki wood, which is native to central Japan, gives off a calming scent when wet, meaning your bathroom will look and smell like a spa with minimal effort. 

Buy: Hinoki Wood Bath Mat, $155 from The Citizenry

Credit: AllModern

Zaina Slatted Bamboo Bath Rug

AllModern’s Zaina bamboo mat mixes zen and modern to give your bathroom a chill but stylish look. Gripper pads on the bottom prevent any accidental slips, and the glossy lacquer finish means you don’t have to be worried about water stains. Set the mat in the bathroom or even outside by the pool—it’ll hold up to everything. 

Buy: Zaina Slatted Bamboo Bath Rug, $79.99 $37 from AllModern

AllBarnWood Bath Mat

If you like wood mats but want a bit more color and character, this one’s for you. Made with repurposed wood, each mat has its own colors, textures, and knots, so you know yours is unique. Add even more personality by opting for a multi-colored mat—you can choose up to three colors or do a mix of natural and colored wood. (Note: You can also pick between narrow and wide slats, depending on your style.)

Buy: AllBarnWood Bath Mat, starts at $59.99 from Etsy

Credit: Overstock

Belmint Bamboo Floor and Shower Mat

This medium-sized mat has a dual-panel look thanks to its foldability, which lets you easily store it should you ever need to. You won’t even want to put it away, though, with its soothing light-and-dark color combo that’ll match any space. And no worries about slipping—the non-skid backing keeps the mat safely in place. 

Buy: Belmint Bamboo Floor and Shower Mat, $42.97 $38.67 from Overstock

Credit: Terrain

Bamboo Bath Mat

For an affordable wooden mat, try this one from Terrain. Unlike others, it’s made of super-thin slats that sit side-by-side, so it lays flat on your floor like a regular mat would. It’s also quite a bit darker than the other options, which gives it a bold appearance. Plus, the mat rolls right up if you ever need to stow or move it. 

Buy: Bamboo Bath Mat, $28 from Terrain

Teak Bathroom Mat

This option costs quite a bit more than the others, but it’s easy to see why. Designed by Mogens Holmriis for Skagerak, it features shiny hardware and narrow slats for a clean, classy look—and those wide openings between the slats mean the wood dries quickly. Plus, this mat’s been around since 1998, and it looks just as timeless now as it did then, so rest assured this style holds up as well as the materials do.

Buy: Teak Bathroom Mat, $229 from Design Within Reach