The Portable $20 Table Lamp Every Book Lover Needs

published Oct 5, 2023
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On paper, a book lover seems like the easiest person to buy a gift for, but in reality, there are quite a few risks that come with giving them an actual book. Books are very particular to the person, and unless you’ve confirmed which ones they want beforehand (and gave away the surprise), there’s no way to guarantee that they’ll actually like the genre or the author you choose. Worse, you may even accidentally offer them a book they already own. But trust me, you won’t have to resort to an impersonal gift card: There are plenty of alternatives that’ll show the reader in your life that you care about them and their interests.

There are book accessories like clip-on reading lights and bookmarks, or you can go our favorite route and gift them a piece of literary-themed decor. Bookends, cozy blankets for their reading chair, or even an adorable book nook to give their bookshelf a bit more whimsy are all fantastic options. But I just came across a $20 item that you truly can’t go wrong with a mini folding book lamp.

What is the XIUDI Mini Folding Book Lamp?

This statement-making, rechargeable lamp will earn an instant spot on your giftee’s nightstand or side table — in fact, it’ll likely move between both, with how portable it is. At about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide, you can close the wooden “book” when it isn’t in use — which will save you space — but if you’re of a similar mind to me, I’d want to keep the fanned out pages on display at all times. It can even be unfolded so that each side of the book covers touch, making it look like a sort of star. But the true showstopper is its color-changing function, including everything from the classic warm yellow to red to purple.

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What Amazon Reviewers are Saying

Average Rating: 4.4/5

“The family uses these as portable night lights simply and honestly because they are more fun than a cellphone light! I just don’t know what it is about these things. They do feel sort of warm and magical when you’re carrying it to the bathroom in the middle of the night.” – TheDonglesofFerf

“Absolutely beautiful. The cover is a lightly padded wood grain that really looks like a very nice journal when closed…lights up immediately when you open the book (I LOVE THIS FEATURE!!! Its so magical and was unexpected!!!)” – Danelle Thompson

“Very easy to use, love the colors and how it stays open and last at least 7 hours with bright light. Small and easy to take anywhere!!” – Hector

This tiny but mighty nightlight is a guaranteed hit — and at only $20, it’ll be easy on the wallet, too. Even if your recipient isn’t the most voracious reader in the world, anyone will appreciate how this lamp combines aesthetics and function.