My Apartment Is Way Cleaner Now, Thanks to This Sleek Storage Caddy

published Aug 19, 2023
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Credit: Photographed by Susie Lowe, Designed by The Pink House

When I first moved into my apartment, cleaning the bathroom — or any room, really — involved a lot of steps. I’m talking about literal steps with my own two feet, as I scurried from the bathroom back to the kitchen where I keep my cleaning supplies.

My one-bedroom unit isn’t that big, so I figured it made sense to keep all my cleaners, dusters, brushes, and other goodies in one centralized spot. When I needed one or a few of those supplies, I could just grab them and waltz over to the room or place that I wanted to clean. 

This setup worked just fine. My only problem was that I dragged my feet on cleaning in the first place — simply because of that extra step of going back and forth between the cleaning supply closet in the kitchen and the place I wanted to clean. Obviously, I’d carry some bottles and rags with me as I got started on the bathroom, for example, but would inevitably need to go back to grab the toilet bowl cleaning liquid, or the glass cleaner for the mirror. What I’m trying to say is that I desperately needed a caddy to corral all of my cleaning supplies. I needed a spacious box with a handle to carry from room to room; something that would effectively cut out all of the little steps I was taking to clean such a small space.

I found my solution in the form of Yamazaki Home’s Favori Storage Caddy in white, which won the best cleaning caddy in our 2023 Organization Awards. I like it for a lot of reasons — the first being that it’s nice to look at. The sleek container has a stylish wooden handle that adds subtle flair, I think. Plus, I can appreciate putting a medley of brightly colored chemical bottles into a minimal white bin. It’s nice to tote around, and I can even keep it out for a day or two as I work my way through de-gunking the shower. I could not say the same for a hulking mass of neon-colored plastic, à la college dorm shower caddies.

The practicality of the thing is key, of course. It comfortably fits six to seven bottles of cleaners, a duster, and a stack of folded rags. I could squeeze more in there if I wanted to, but the setup I have is working well for now. The bin itself is lightweight, too, so it doesn’t take a ton of energy to heave around all those products. Fortunately, it fits right into the spot in my pantry where all the cleaning supplies used to sit, although now they’re conveniently very portable. 

There may come a time when I decide to use my caddy for other stuff around the house. It looks to be a good size for holding magazines, toys, and other sorts of belongings that tend to pile up over time. Until then, I’ll keep toting my tidying accoutrements in the caddy, cleaning each room in my apartment just a little faster than I did before.

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