The Stylish Magnetic Organizer That Adds Extra Storage in Even the Smallest Spaces

published Jul 26, 2022
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We’re all friends here, right? So we can be honest — chances are, laundry is probably one of those tasks that falls to the veryyyyy bottom of the “chores you enjoy doing” list. I spent a decade of my life living in New York City — without my own washer or dryer the entire time — so doing my own laundry (in my own home) became this anticipatory suburban pipe dream. That is until I actually moved to the suburbs, at which point I realized that doing my own washing and drying came with a whole slew of annoyances — which only increased ten-fold when we welcomed our son.

We don’t have a “true” laundry room in our home, so the basement is where our machines — and their corresponding chaos — dwell. Try as I might, I can’t seem to get our laundry zone organized. The ceilings in our basement are low, so any form of cabinet storage is pretty much a no-go, and we try not to leave anything too precious down there because it’s a 200-year-old house and there are … critters (trust me, I don’t like to think about it either). Still, several loads of laundry a week — and not a lot of time to do them — necessitates some sort of functional organization to expedite the process, so you can imagine my thrill when the Yamazaki Magnetic Laundry Organizer came onto my radar.

If you’ve spent any time around these parts, you know we have a big love for Yamazaki, the Japanese home goods brand that seamlessly marries form and function into incredibly useful products. From slim towel organizers and a toilet paper shelf (genius!) to a kitchen command center, it seems like they’re always churning out stylish items that boost not only the look of our homes but the functionality, too. The good news: Their Magnetic Laundry Organizer is no different.

As the name suggests, the narrow metal shelving unit is backed with extra-strong magnets which allow it to attach to the side of your washer or dryer (or really any metal unit) instead of relying on traditional hanging methods that require a drill. The unit itself contains all sorts of bits and bobs that will help make laundry day a little less hectic, from a shelf where you can keep your dryer sheets and detergents to a rack for towels and hooks for other accessories (think: a scrub brush, stain stick, etc.). Consider it your laundry command station — plus a genius way to make quick (and organized!) work of a task so few of us enjoy.

Reviewers love the Yamazaki Magnetic Laundry Organizer for its simple, water-resistant design, and the fact that it can hold up to four pounds of laundry accessories without slipping or sliding off the metal surface. The best part? Its slim profile makes it ideal for a closet laundry “room” or other spots that are short on storage space. “This is great sturdy storage for tight laundry spaces,” says one reviewer. “The magnetic fastening is super strong and I can happily fit a ton of items on the shelving and rails. Its slender profile means it can fit on the front of my washer behind the folding doors of the laundry space in our apartment. It’s a great small space solution — I love it.”

Another happy customer says, “got this on a whim for my studio apartment since I knew I’d have minimal storage, and it’s great! Tucks in right on the side of my washer/dryer, and I store a ton of my cleaning supplies on it. Definitely going to carry this over to wherever I go next, and I’m super happy with the purchase! It was also very easy to assemble.”

Beyond being a useful addition to your laundry zone, there’s no rule that says you can’t use this magnetic rack elsewhere. It would even be great on the side of a fridge or in a craft room to help keep art supplies organized. Plus, at under $60, it’s a reasonable price to pay for a bit of calm during the chaos of laundry day, right?