The Stylish, Space-Saving Toilet Paper Holder That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom

published Jul 22, 2022
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It’s a somewhat taboo topic, but the importance of making sure your bathroom is always stocked with toilet paper cannot be underestimated. I’ve helped a couple of friends move this summer, and everyone is quick to share their new closet organizer finds or ask for kitchen storage suggestions. But the devil is in the details, especially when it comes to the more… rudimentary… aspects of daily life. Let’s just say you don’t want to be caught lacking in the privy department.

Sure, you can always store toilet paper in the cabinet under the sink, but that spot might not be near the toilet, and if you have guests, you probably don’t want them rummaging around your belongings in search of a new roll. With Yamazaki’s smart toilet paper stand, you can keep rolls conveniently close and even have a place to store handheld items. That’s because this tissue tower can hold three or more rolls at a time depending on their size, meaning fewer trips to the storage closet or wherever you keep your bathroom necessities.

The fact that this minimal stand is also visually appealing cannot be overlooked. Previous buyers are unequivocally satisfied with their purchases, in large part because of this very reason. “I was so sick of having Charmin plastic bags in my bathroom,” a reviewer shared. “This makes toilet paper storage so much neater and more intentional. I also put a candle on the top shelf. It’s great!” Indeed, the tray at the top of the stand is useful for holding both decorative pieces and pocket-sized essentials, such as smartphones. Hopefully you’ve never experienced this at an actual home, but there’s nothing worse than using a public restroom and having nowhere to put personal items other than the floor.

Based on other reviews, you can be sure that this stand is no flimsy plastic contraption. It’s made entirely out of steel, and customers affirm that its durability is unquestionable. “This toilet paper stand has a sturdy, weighted frame and a minimalist design that looks wonderful in my bathroom,” one of them wrote. The steel frame also makes this stand super easy to clean; just swipe dust off with soap and a soft sponge. And because this product does not need to be drilled into the wall, no assembly is required. Between the toilet paper stand’s functionality and attractive design, not to mention Yamazaki’s glowing reputation as a top-notch home organization brand, you’ll want to get your hands on this product. And fast!