This Sleek, Space-Saving Dish Towel Organizer Has Us Hooked

published Oct 29, 2021
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Has anyone figured out a smart way to hang their dish towels yet? Sure, you can drape them over the handle of your oven door, but it’s not the most convenient place when you’re in need of drying your hands or wiping the counter off. Sticking hooks to the wall might work, but it’s frustrating when your tea towels slip right off and fall to the ground. Instead, we love this minimalist, just-launched towel rack from Yamazaki Home — part of their new home storage collection — which can hang just about anywhere in the kitchen for easy access while you’re cooking.

Yamazaki is a Japanese home goods brand known for creating multifunctional organizational tools that don’t take up too much space, making it especially ideal for small kitchens. It’s the reason why we loved their simple spice organizer, sleek food storage containers, stylish and compact bread box, and a range of other clever top-selling space savers. We’re confident that you’re going to love this new Push Dish Towel Holder as much as we do!

With the capacity to hold four towels, this rack is all you’ll need in the kitchen. Instead of hooks, the holder has cross-shaped openings that latch on to your towels, securing them in place. They’ll work just fine whether you have thicker kitchen towels or thin tea towels to hang. Plus, you can choose to mount it to the wall or use the hooks to hang over a door. For instance, you could attach it it to the top of your cabinet door for easy hand wiping while you’re food prepping on the counter. Or, stick it to the side of your fridge so that it takes up as little space as possible.

You can also say goodbye to wet dish towels that never dry because they’re folded over your sink faucet, draped over the sink, or left bunched on the counter (who, me?). Because this holder only latches onto a small point of the towel and lets the rest hang down, separate from the others, there’s ample space for it to dry quickly. And, if you’re like me, and are trying to cut down on blowing through roll after roll of paper towels, then you know that having four dry dish towels at the ready is quite handy! It even comes in black and white to match any kitchen aesthetic.

Once you check out this towel holder, you’re almost guaranteed to check out the other kitchen space savers from Yamazaki — and we wouldn’t blame you!

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