Yankee Candle’s Advent Calendars Are Lit

published Sep 1, 2018
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September 1st means one thing and one thing only: summer is over. Sure, Labor Day hasn’t officially happened yet, but the weekend before Labor Day feels like the worst Sunday of the year. You spend the whole weekend knowing that summer is over and it is time for fall. But, for those of us who love fall and winter, this is a time to celebrate.

Some people are already buying their Halloween decorations and candy even though the holiday is about 60 days away. You might think it is too early for Halloween still, but for Yankee Candle, it isn’t too early to prepare for Christmas.

If you have a lot of shopping to get done for Christmas, it is always smarter to start shopping early, so you avoid dropping hundreds to thousands of dollars in December. If you want to prepare for Christmas, you’re going to need one of Yankee Candle’s Advent calendars. They come in three festive versions, so there is one for any Christmas mood.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with Advent calendars, or perhaps never called them that growing up, they are calendars that countdown each day in Advent, which is the time leading up to Christmas. The calendar has 24 days on it, every day in December through Christmas Eve. Typically, Advent calendars have little doors or flaps that you can pull down to reveal a tiny gift waiting inside. As a kid, the best kind of Advent calendar to get was a chocolate one.

If you’re looking to get an Advent calendar for the 2018 holiday season, Yankee Candle offers 3 different versions. Good Housekeeping UK unveiled the news that Yankee Candle had released their Advent lineup.

(Image credit: Yankee Candle)

The first option is the Holiday Sparkle Advent and it is $32. It comes with 24 tea lights and one tealight holder, some of the tea light candle scents featured in these calendars are Blue Spruce and Glittering Star.

The second option is the Fold Out Advent and it is $45. It comes with 12 votive candles, 12 tea lights, and one votive holder.

(Image credit: Yankee Candle)

The third option is the Christmas Tower Advent and as the most extravagant of the 3 options, it costs $97. It has ribbons on the side that can be tugged to reveal the gift of the day for 34 days. It includes two small jar candles, 12 votive candles, six wax melts, and wick trimmer.

Which Advent calendar do you want for your holiday?