The $20 Tool That Keeps Floors, Tiles, and Outdoor Surfaces Spotless (Your Back Will Thank You!)

published 3 days ago
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Blue tiled shower in bathroom.
Credit: Lula Poggi

Although I’ve accumulated a collection of effective floor cleaning tools, there still seems to be something missing from my arsenal. I have a vacuum and steam mop for tougher messes, as well as a Swiffer sweeper for quick everyday cleanups. But none of these are able to tackle my floors’ most stubborn smudges and smears, like sticky food spillage around the kitchen trash can or the occasional cat vomit that has congealed overnight. For those instances, I have a short-handle scrub brush, but it requires me to bend down uncomfortably and scrub until my wrists hurt.

Ideally, I’d have something in my storage closet like the Yocada Floor Scrub Brush. Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of this versatile tool that can clean a variety of surfaces. Best of all, the brush has a long, adjustable handle, and it’s currently selling for only $20. Once you see all this find can do, you’ll wish you’d gotten one sooner.

What Is the Yocada Floor Scrub Brush?

Its name might imply one use, but this product also functions as a squeegee and broom in addition to a scrub brush. Stiff bristles effectively lift and remove stuck-on grime from just about any surface, including hard floors, bathroom tiles, windows, and even your outdoor deck or driveway. A built-in rubber squeegee above the bristles allows you to tilt the head sideways and remove excess water, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. You can also use the brush as a broom on carpet or for leaves on the patio. Additionally, the Yocada scrub brush features a telescopic handle made up of three parts, which you can assemble in seconds and either expand or retract to achieve your desired length. As a result, you’ll never have to bend while scrubbing or worry about back pain while cleaning your floors again.

Credit: Yocada

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.3/5

“I sweep, vacuum, and mop my floors about three times a week. No matter what, they are perpetually dirty — and I know this because my feet are perpetually dirty. THIS SCRUBBER IS ESSENTIAL. I used my normal floor cleaner to wet the floors, scrubbed, then used the squeegee end to get all the dirty fluid in a pile. Wiped that up with a paper towel. I ran over it again with my mop just to see how clean the floors really were … NO DIRT TO BE FOUND. It’s so effective. I scrubbed this weird, tough gummy grime off of my floors that I didn’t even realize was there. GET IT.” —Carolina

“Absolutely love this thing! We have dogs and puppies occasionally, and it tackles the job of cleaning up after them all. Lightweight and easy to adjust. Bristles are fairly stiff for cleaning, and the squeegee part works wonderfully! Would buy again, but I feel like this one will last quite a while!” —Heather

“I use this to clean my tile shower, and it’s a back-saver. I’ve also used it to scrub my garage floor, front porch, and sidewalk. It has held up very well so far.” —Michelle

Other reviewers praised the scrubber for its ability to get into deep grooves on tiled floors, as well as the fact that its squeegee feature allows floors to dry quickly. No matter which surface you’re cleaning and how grubby it might be, the Yocada brush is perfect for the job. Shop it for $20 while it’s still discounted.

Buy: Yocada Floor Scrub Brush, $19.99 (normally $23.99)