These Inexpensive Organizers Cleared up My Cluttered Pantry and Practically Doubled My Storage Space

published Jul 2, 2021
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For me, kitchen cabinet organizing has always been one of those items on my household chores list that I didn’t think about too strategically. My current apartment is smaller than any other place I’ve previously lived, and I needed to scale some things down to accommodate that. This was especially true of my pantry. My food items were either stacked oddly or cluttered, and a pattern soon developed where the food I put in the cabinet became easily forgotten — simply because it couldn’t be seen. I needed a change, and I needed it fast. The solution was found in two products that completely turned my cabinet messes around: YouCopia’s ShelfSteps and ShelfBin.

I’ll be the first to say that I was skeptical about adding organizers to my pantry shelves. To me, it seemed counterproductive to put storage solutions in a place that was made to store items. Eventually, it dawned on me to approach organizing my cabinets the same way I’d organize practically any other room in my small space: Build up, instead of out. First, I tackled my canned goods with the YouCopia 3-Shelf Can Organizer. It creates a set of adjustable risers, so cans no longer have to be clumsily stacked on top of each other. I was able to put 12 cans in total on the organizer shelves, which was more than enough for me. Instead of shoving cans wherever there’s space, the shelves keep them contained, neat, and displayed so nothing gets lost or forgotten. 

The ShelfBin handled my second pantry issue: finding storage for my beloved snacks and packs of ramen noodles. In the past, I stacked them anywhere I could find a smidgen of extra room. Their packaging is more flexible, so it was easy to squeeze them into the gaps, but it just looked so messy. Having a cluttered pantry makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for, and I hated having to go on a scavenger hunt just to find one small thing. I started filing my snacks into the four-tiered ShelfBin, and it immediately made a difference. The organizer is designed on an incline; each section sits higher than one before it so I’m able to see everything in the bin in one glance. The amount it holds will vary depending on the size of the products, but roughly, eight packs of snacks can fit comfortably in the small bins.

Since using the YouCopia 3-Can Organizer and ShelfBin, I’ve thrown my old way of organizing out the window. If anything, the addition of these organizers not only keeps my food easily accessible, but it also helps me remember to consume packaged foods before their expiration date. Also, by consolidating items with the organizers, it freed additional space on the shelves, and practically doubled room for storage. Ultimately, I got more out of the can organizer and ShelfBin than I spent on them. Money saved on groceries is always a win!

Buy: YouCopia 4-Tier Small ShelfBin, $14.99, and YouCopia 3-Shelf ShelfSteps, $23.11 (normally $24.99)