This Game-Changing Spice Rack Is the Organizing Solution I Wish I Discovered Sooner — Here’s Why

published Jul 8, 2021
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Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

When I moved into my own apartment, I naturally gravitated toward the tiniest cupboard for all of my seasoning jars, because spices and herbs are often stored in small kitchen cabinets. However, when your entire kitchen is small in itself, you have to be smarter about how to utilize the space you have. I pondered: What would happen if I cleared out the spice cabinet and found a new way to organize the jars? Would my space situation be better or worse if I kept them outside of the cupboard? Using the YouCopia SpiceStack, I put those questions to the test.

The SpiceStack is a standalone three-shelf spice organizer that measures 11″ wide, 10″ high, and 8.3″ deep. Each tray slides out and lowers at an angle, so the jars are still accessible even if they’re on a higher shelf, which is very helpful if you’re short like I am! Three dividers come with the SpiceStack to separate the upper and lower rows of spices, making it possible to store at least eight four-ounce containers (square or round) on each shelf with room for larger jars, if needed. In case the shelf needs to accommodate jars that are shorter or taller than usual, the dividers are adjustable. On the front of each tray, there’s space to place labels, so you don’t need to open the drawers to know what’s inside. Pro tip: Though the SpiceStack has non-slip feet, load the spice bottles from bottom to top to avoid tipping the organizer over. From there, it’s simply a matter of deciding where to put it in your kitchen.

I found that there were immediate benefits to moving my spices out of the cabinet. My SpiceStack is on the shelf of an expanded pantry in my kitchen-adjacent laundry room, and I no longer have to do a deep dive to find the exact ingredient I need. The organized chaos that was my spice cabinet was transformed into a streamlined way to see and grab spices with ease. As a result of moving the jars into a designated space, I increased space in my smaller pantry as well. I often had to go into Tetris mode to arrange my groceries, organizing based on what fit, rather than what was more efficient for my kitchen habits. Now, I’m happy to say that my pantry is arranged in a way that makes sense. My next goal is figuring out a better way to organize my boxes of tea.

Other bonuses? I love how tidy the SpiceStack looks, versus other standalone spice racks. Each tray is well-spaced, and I get a small thrill out of seeing all of my spices in a row without pushing around bottles to find what I need. It’s also flat on top, so items can easily be stacked vertically. I wouldn’t put anything extremely heavy on top of it, but it can at least hold extra dishrags, small boxes, and other little items that might not fit anywhere else.

So, is it better to keep spices inside or outside of a cabinet? That answer will differ for everyone, but for me, keeping them outside is one of the best kitchen decisions I’ve ever made!

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