Your Ideal Dorm Decor, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Aug 7, 2019
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If you’re heading off to live in the dorms this fall, it might be the first chance you’ve had to design your own space. Stumped with where to start? Consider the traits of your zodiac sign, which can be a fun indicator of your personal style. From overall themes to colors to specific items, we’ve got a whole lineup of astrology-informed dorm decor suggestions below! 

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Aries: Classic Collegiate

Energetic, independent, and ambitious Aries, you’ll feel right at home on a college campus: There are clubs and intramurals and activist groups galore to keep you busy. Because of this, you probably won’t be spending much time in your dorm, Aubrey Thorne, a Los Angeles-based astrologist, says. But, as your basecamp, your dorm room is most likely to have a quintessential collegiate vibe, perhaps with plaid pillow coverings and sports pendants that are tributes to your favorite team or activism-based posters that align with your causes.

Credit: Kath Nash

Taurus: Contemporary

Taurus excels in the decorating department, says Narayana Montufar, senior astrologer at and Chalk it up to Taurus being the natural ruler of the second house, which is one that relates to material objects and possessions. The bull’s decor will be carefully curated, especially for a dorm room. Taureans will take advantage of a dorm’s blank canvas to showcase a statement piece, like framed artwork. Also, count on this sign to transform that extra-long twin bed ubiquitous in dorms into one that looks worthy of a West Elm catalogue. With an appreciation for R&R, Montufar says, Taurus will have plush bedding, with extra soft pillows and luxe sheets—with some surrounding greenery, like plants in macramé hangers.

Credit: Kath Nash

Gemini: Haute Bohemian

To appease the dual-natured twins, Geminis should gravitate toward a style that exudes a funky, bohemian vibe, but is balanced with subdued neutrals that might look more familiar in a contemporary living space. Let’s call it haute bohemian. Achieve this look with a mix of colors, textures, and patterns, suggests astrologist Terry O’Connor, a writer at Astrology 42 who also provides astrological business coaching. A base of neutrals will keep the space from feeling too busy. Lumi Pelinku, a New York-based astrologist, suggests an accent wall with a geometric pattern or a patterned rug. To pull this haute boho style together, go for neutral bedding and mix in patterns and textures with bright throw pillows and a chunky knit blanket.

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Cancer: Vintage

Out of all the signs, Cancers are most connected to home and family life, which will strongly influence their decor, explains Montufar. This goes beyond having oodles of picture frames with family photos. The discerning Cancer will incorporate vintage treasures from, say, grandma’s closet, Montufar says. Think: Antique brooches adding elegance to a cork bulletin board or heirlooms, like a clock, from past decades thoughtfully serving as accent pieces.

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Leo: Hollywood Glam

Leo has an appreciation for nice things, so expect an extreme dorm makeover worthy of a reality show. In addition to the latest and greatest tech, splashes of gold (perhaps on a lamp), animal prints, and a gallery of black and white photos are elements you might find in a Leo’s room, O’Connor says. This sign is known to have, shall we say, a large sense of pride, too. So, there needs to be some wall space reserved for Leos to display their accomplishments, he says. Complete the vibe with a flameless candle; yes, Leo is a fire sign, but dorm regulations rule out actual candles.

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Virgo: Minimalist

Virgo and minimalist are practically synonyms. Simply put, this sign’s space must be orderly. “Everything has a meaning for it to be in the bedroom,” says O’Connor. That’s to say, you won’t find a decorative piece of furniture that serves no purpose. This sign, he says, is “simple, practical and clutter-free, complete with a clear desk and a bendy desk lamp and a desk plant.” Virgo, you should teach a 101 class on dorm living.

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Libra: Modern Farmhouse

Libra needs to feel immersed in balance and peacefulness, explains Thorne. Their symbol is the scale, after all! Today’s iteration of “farmhouse” has both a hearth and home vibe, but is also modern with contemporary furniture and mixed materials. You won’t be able to do a full-on Chip & Joanna Gaines-style reno in your dorm room, but you can take baby steps into this design scheme with an industrial, vintage fan or weathered wooden vases with faux fern stems planted in them. Clean cut bookshelves and matching pillows on your bed will also help create the symmetry Libras crave, Pelinku says.

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Scorpio: 70s, But Make it Chic

Like you, Scorpio, your decor style is a bit of a mystery. But, a common theme among Scorpio spaces is that they tend to be sensual, Montufar explains. “Even though they live very passionate lives, they are practical and know what they like,” She offers the examples of high-end furniture, silky fabrics, unique objects, and mystical art. Building on this idea, Pelinku says Scorpio may be drawn to deep-colored crushed velvet curtains. Alexa, play “Pink Floyd, please.”

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Sagittarius: Boho-glam

Sag: We vote you most likely to take a gap year or study abroad. As the fiery gypsy of the zodiac, Sagittarius is always on the move. But when they come back to their dorm rooms, they love entering their dens and being reminded of all the amazing places they’ve been by the worldly treasures they have collected in their travels, Montufar says. Colorful throws and pillows plus macrame tapestries, are all a part of their bohemian-inspired aesthetic. They’ll find a way to make space for that hammock that’s accompanied them on backpacking trips or that coveted woven hanging chair.

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Capricorn: Industrial

An industrial dorm style, achieved in part with a plug-in pendant light and a sleek, silver mini fridge, is best suited for Capricorn. This hardworking sign values solitude and simplicity, Thorne says. Dorm essentials, she says, will include an uber-organized desk and comfortable, ergonomic chair. Capricorn’s wall decor will likely include goal-setting vision boards mixed with motivational quotes. 

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Aquarius: Ever-evolving, and a bit punk

Aquarius, you may not fit squarely into one design scheme. Rather, your dorm essentials, Thorne says, could include purple bedding, interesting tchotchkes, and good storage for your unique T-shirts. Your wall decor? “Anything punk, rebellious, slightly edgy,” she says. Pelinku suggests having a room that’s easily adaptable so that you can change out your decor when the mood strikes.

Credit: Kath Nash

Pisces: Coastal

Two words to best describe Pisces’ design aesthetic: Light and airy, Pelinku says. Subtle coastal decor will help solidify your whimsical vibe. We’re not talking the cliche type, like “seas the day” printed on a paddle, but rather white frames for your watercolor paintings, woven storage baskets and pops of blue. When it comes to bedding, opt for pale, cool colors, suggests Thorne suggests. P.S. Pisces, as a water sign, you may want to invest in a sound machine with an ocean setting to help lull you to sleep. 

Now, that we’ve knocked out the design portion of dorm living, here’s hoping your college matched you with a roommate with whom you have a compatible astrological sign!

With reporting from Ben Sledge.