This Portable Hamper is So Stylish, I Never Put It Away When Guests Come Over

published Jan 6, 2022
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You know the feeling when company comes over and you’re in a mad dash to clean up quickly? Yeah, we’ve all been there  — scrambling to wash dishes, dust, and put away loose items before the first guest arrives. However, stashing away something as unsightly as laundry just got easier for me thanks to this beauty of a laundry hamper from Zara, which just so happens to be on sale for 25 percent off right now.

I was lucky enough to give this laundry basket a whirl during the testing process for our Best List. The smooth cotton material caught my attention immediately out of the package, It was leaps and bounds more stylish than the aging nylon laundry bag I had been holding onto for years. This laundry hamper is cylindrical and comes with a convenient carrying handle that’s especially essential for anyone who has to travel to do their laundry. You can push it down vertically to flatten it, or you can simply fold it in half for easy storage. The navy pinstripes against the cream-colored background make this hamper understated yet stylish enough to hide in plain sight.

I moved into my new apartment a couple of months ago, and while I love almost everything about my space, the one unfortunate feature is that you can only get to the bathroom through my bedroom. Eek! This means I have to be super on-point about keeping my room clean and my laundry stashed away neatly. The Zara Striped Laundry Basket has helped make the job easier. I’m totally comfortable leaving it out when company comes — no need to stuff it away in the closet or under the bed! The drawstring closure at the top of the basket not only keeps the laundry concealed until wash day, but it also keeps everything contained while I shuffle everything around the apartment.

When it comes to capacity, the Zara Striped Laundry Basket holds a lot more laundry than you might think. A lot. I usually designate my Sundays for washing clothes, and by that time, I’ve filled this basket to the brim with sheets, pillowcases, workout gear, and my regular casual clothing. Every time I think I’ve stuffed it to the max before the week is out, I’m surprised to discover that I’m able to squeeze in a few more items. The handle is wide enough to either carry by hand or throw over my shoulder when it’s time to lug my clothes to the washing machine. Whether you have an in-unit washer/dryer or you have to travel to a laundromat, this hamper will make wash days a little less of a headache.

I never thought I’d be raving about something as practical as a laundry hamper, but I’ve got to say that I have been super impressed by the look, function, and durability of this one. Even better? It’s on sale right now for 25 percent off! So if you’ve been looking for a laundry upgrade that won’t take your wallet to the metaphorical cleaners, this is the perfect time to take the plunge.

Buy: Zara Striped Laundry Basket, $29.90 (normally $39.90)