The Small Change You Can Make to Waste Less, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Apr 19, 2024
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While the climate crisis can only be fully addressed on a global and corporate level, if you want to do your own part, there are plenty of small ways to take individual action every day. From making environmentally friendly swaps to incorporating more zero-waste habits into your daily life, there are countless ways to reduce your carbon footprint. 

At a loss for how you can personally make a difference and feel better about your own individual impact? Luckily astrology has insights to offer. Below, find the earth-friendly swap to make or zero-waste habit to adopt for each zodiac sign. They’re small and easy, so you can start right away. (If you want to do more, don’t stop at your sun sign — check your moon and rising, too.) 

Aries: Avoid impulsive buys. 

It’s in Aries’ nature to take action, but sometimes that can come at the cost of thinking things all the way through. If you have a habit of buying things you don’t end up using, try the snapshot method to avoid impulsive shopping. Psychologists also suggest disabling one-click purchases, waiting at least six hours to complete a buy, and setting an allowance.

Taurus: Switch to smart LED lighting. 

As the homebody of the zodiac, you place effort into making your surroundings comfortable. Ruled by Venus, your sign also values luxury — and the full customization of smart lighting can provide that cozy, lush ambiance you crave. The LEDs in smart bulbs are 80 to 90% more efficient than traditional lighting and have longer durability, which will help you save the planet and your money.

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Gemini: Ditch disposable water bottles. 

Your life is one jam-packed schedule. You’re constantly juggling projects, and as the social butterfly of the zodiac, when you’re not working you’re out having fun. By ditching single-use plastic for reusable water bottles, you can be eco-conscious and stay hydrated on the go.

Cancer: Swap single-use kitchen products for reusable ones. 

Preparing meals that bring comfort to others (and yourself) brings you joy. With all the quality time you spend in the kitchen, it’s a great place to make some sustainable switches. Swap Ziploc bags for silicone storage bags, ditch paper towels for a more eco-friendly reusable option, replace parchment paper and aluminum foil with a reusable silicone mat, or invest in reusable coffee pods and filters.

Leo: Shop secondhand at thrift stores.

As a showy and artistic fire sign, you tend to practice self-expression through fashion. You love to shine and get dressed up for any occasion — even just to grab coffee. To satisfy your appetite for shopping without leaning into fast fashion, explore your local thrift stores to find some truly unique (and affordable) gems.

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Virgo: Use DIY cleaning products.

Mercury influences you to be meticulous in every aspect of your life. As an earth sign, you also care deeply about minimizing your ecological footprint. A nice way to do that at home is by ditching store-bought chemicals for homemade cleaners, using common items like castile soap, vinegar, baking soda, lemon, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide.

Libra: Keep a reusable tote handy. 

Your ruler Venus, the planet of beauty, makes anything gorgeous simply irresistible to you. You can’t say no to a perfect shade of lipstick, a trinket, or a stylish outfit if it catches your eye. You seldom come home empty-handed, so avoid plastic and paper bags by carrying a reusable tote in your purse or car.

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Scorpio: Upcycle your trash. 

Scorpio is the sign of transformation. Instead of tossing items out, turn your “trash” into something functional. Convert coffee and food cans into planters. Repurpose jam, spaghetti sauce, and margarine containers for food storage. Wine bottles can make great flower vases. Old candle jars are great for holding lipsticks. Let your imagination help you reduce waste all around your home. 

Sagittarius: Travel more sustainably. 

As someone with an appreciation for adventure and new experiences, you have a penchant for traveling and exploring. For your next trip, consider the principles of ecotourism. Places like offer eco-friendly options for customers, and to avoid flying entirely you can even opt to travel close to home, taking the bus or train when possible.

Other small yet mighty ideas include visiting parks and protected areas, spending your money on local businesses when you visit somewhere new, packing lightly, bringing your own water bottle, and telling housekeeping you don’t need a change of towels or linens every day.

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Capricorn: Plan your meals.

According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, 30 to 40% of food is wasted; it fills up landfills and generates greenhouse gas emissions. Meal planning can help reduce that food waste — and make your life that much easier. Saturn, the planet of structure, makes you the most organized sign of the zodiac, so sticking to a grocery list and prepping your meals is a natural habit to integrate into your routine.

Aquarius: Use smart power strips.

Aquarius is governed by Uranus, the ruler of technology and innovation, so it’s only natural that you’re interested in boundary-pushing tech. As the humanitarian of the zodiac, you also care about making the world a better place. One easy way to do that? Use smart strips that turn off “energy vampire” devices, such as your TV, computer, game console, and streaming devices. Not only do they save energy for the planet, but they can also help lower your energy bill.

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Pisces: Reuse and save water.

As a water sign, you should know that there are lots of ways to save water at home. For instance, you can reuse your pasta water or that drinking water that’s been on your nightstand for days to water your plants. If you have a yard, set a bucket outside on rainy days to collect water and use it for irrigating your garden. And next time you’re showering, try turning off the tap while you shampoo and condition your hair to save tons of water.