10 Bonus Benefits to Small Space Living

published Jun 10, 2013
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We spend a lot of time throughout the year doling out advice on how to make the best of small spaces. Which got me thinking — I actually enjoy a lot of things about living in my rather petite abode and want to focus on the upside. So in classic Letterman fashion, here is my top ten list.

10 Bonus Benefits to Small Space Living:

  1. It’s easier to clean.
  2. You’re less likely to overshop when space is a priority – so you save money.
  3. Small versions of furniture cost less. A lot less.
  4. It’s easier to focus on quality over quantity when everything’s on display.
  5. Your heating and cooling bills tend to be lower.
  6. A small art collection makes big impact.
  7. A single statement piece or splurge can make the whole room (which in some instances is the whole apartment).
  8. It’s harder to lose the remote, or anything else for that matter.
  9. You’re more likely to purge clutter when you can’t hide it away.
  10. You can afford to have niceties like candles and flowers in every room.

Please add your own in the comments below!

-Re-edited from a post originally published 6/10/2013 -cm