10 Tips To Make Any Small Space (Feel) Bigger

updated Jul 16, 2020
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TO BEGIN: The main thing to realize about space, particularly your own home, is that your feeling of it is just that, very much a feeling. Our consciousness of our space comes not from walking through it as much as it comes from how our EYE travels through it, which it does the second you enter the room. Your, eye, however, will only go where it is drawn to light, and it will avoid shadow and clutter as it seeks a place to rest. Therefore, in a very real way, to make a small space feel bigger, you want to EXPAND with light and open space, and avoid the CONTRACTION of darkness, shadow and clutter. (Image credit: Jim Franco)

I get asked about how to make small spaces feel bigger all the time and have done numerous interviews going over these points, BUT I’ve never written them down for myself or for you readers here, so here we go. These are my totally evergreen, classic tips, which come from years of practice. Please add your own!

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