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Credit: Erin Derby

12 Ultra-Cool Bedroom Ideas That Will Inspire Your Next Project

published Mar 30, 2023
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Is your bedroom in need of a major refresh? Instead of following the latest trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow, consider taking notes from timeless sleep spaces that are still plenty Instagram-worthy. Whether you’re working with a narrow bedroom or the confines of a studio apartment, these cool bedroom ideas are sure to inspire.

Credit: Ian Morgan

1. Create your own coffee corner.

While this 750-square foot New York City apartment is short on space, it maximizes style and storage at every corner. The renter made the most of a tiny bedroom nook by creating this sun-drenched coffee corner, which is an ideal place to kick off each morning.

2. Incorporate funky, modern accents.

It’s amazing what a coat of paint, chic light fixture, and a fun accent piece or two can do to transform a bedroom and this New York loft is proof. The renter brought in a mix of mid-century and modern pieces to create an eclectic yet elegant urban retreat.

3. Embrace your inner bohemian.

It doesn’t get much cooler than an effortlessly chic bohemian bedroom. This sleep space in a Bushwick duplex may be minimalist in its color palette, but it’s chock-full of textural appeal, thanks to an array of houseplants, natural fiber pieces, and cozy textiles.

4. Think beyond the paintbrush.

Take a page from this Denver apartment’s playbook and let your inner child run wild on the walls of your bedroom. Here, the renter says she mixed some acrylic paint and water with a little Mod Podge in a spray bottle and “went to town.” This makes for a fun project and creates major visual impact on a budget.

5. Start a collection.

The coolest bedrooms are those that feel the most individual, and the best way to personalize yours is by starting a collection of things you love. The renter of this U.K. apartment showcases her love for funky art and textiles to create a one-of-a-kind sleep space.

6. Go all-out with greenery.

If you’re already a proud plant parent, you may be ready to tackle your next project: a greenery wall! This bright and cheery bedroom in a San Francisco home feels even more refreshing with this living headboard. However, if you are new to plant-keeping, it might be worth starting with a few potted babies first.

Credit: Shea Keating

7. Wallpaper the ceiling.

Who says the ceiling doesn’t deserve some colorful, patterned love, too? This narrow bedroom in a Sag Harbor home maximizes its style potential without taking up precious square footage, thanks to an ultra-cool peel-and-stick wallpaper—perfect for any design enthusiasts that are afraid of commitment or renters who aren’t allowed to make any permanent changes.

8. Be bold with your paint choices.

The bedroom in an Edinburgh home is proof that you don’t have to be a maximalist to opt for a bold paint color. This beautiful space lets the vibrant purple walls shine while keeping the decor mostly neutral for a well-balanced bedroom that is equally energizing and soothing.

Credit: Minette Hand

9. Create your ideal retreat.

This cozy Austin home is full of clever design ideas, and the renters play up its rustic charm throughout. This bedroom proves you can make wood-paneled walls look cool and modern with the addition of breezy linens, houseplants, and a charming artist’s corner.

Credit: Erin Derby

10. Utilize vintage finds and colors.

The bedroom in this Brooklyn rental has a well-collected, vintage-inspired vibe that makes for a soothing, creative retreat for a singer and her partner. Muted green walls make a clever juxtaposition against the rich wood floors and funky accent pieces.

Credit: Minette Hand

11. Try out a black accent wall.

Have a flair for the dramatic? It may be time to snag a can of glossy black paint. This bedroom in a Georgia home features an eclectic mix of bold and understatedly elegant pieces to create a memorable sleep space.

12. Have fun with neutrals.

This bedroom in an Australian home is proof that a neutral color palette doesn’t have to be boring. The owners used a unique collection of framed art, light fixtures made from natural fibers, and striped bed linens to create visual interest while sticking to a white, gray, and brown color story to ensure the space remains refreshing.