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59 of the Best, Most Beautiful Bedrooms Ever Featured on Apartment Therapy

published Feb 22, 2022
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February is Bedroom Month on Apartment Therapy! We’re sharing stories all month about bedrooms — from how to decorate them, to the fascinating history of them, and so much more. Head over here to see them all!

In a lot of people’s homes, living rooms get all the glory and sure, it makes sense. Living rooms are typically big, high-traffic areas with the most opportunity to design, gather, and relax. For some families, it’s the most important space in their homes. If you ask a realtor, though, they’d probably tell you that “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.” So at the end of the day, when it comes to the best place in a home, it really just depends on who you ask.

Bedrooms are in a lane of their own and it’s time they got more shine. Whether you live alone but like to entertain, or you share your home with other people, your bedroom should be a space for you to be yourself. If you’re feeling creative, you can go full on maximalist and fill the space with all the things you enjoy. You could even create a zen, relaxed vibe ideal for lounging and endless naps. Bedrooms are as personal as it gets, and no two are the same. Here are 59 of the best, most beautiful bedrooms that we’ve ever seen from people who’ve shared their homes on Apartment Therapy.

Creative and DIY bedrooms

From stenciled murals, to cool headboards, to one seriously awesome plant wall, these bedrooms are notable for their amazingly creative and one-of-kind ideas, many of which were DIYed by the residents themselves.

1. They’ve got stencils, symbols, and shapes for days.

Emma Jane Palin and her partner Joshua John Parker transformed a run-down rental in the UK with art, color, and tons of character. One of the coolest things they did inside the home was bring new life into this bedroom with fun shapes and bold colors. The painted stripes and scallops trim around the ceiling of the room are cooler than any peel and stick wallpaper you could buy, and the DIY art ties everything together.

Credit: Erin Derby

2. Murals belong everywhere, especially on dressers.

Murals are having a really big moment, on Instagram and inside people’s homes. As a lover of art and color, interior design enthusiast Kim White decided to venture where no mural has gone before on a bedroom dresser! There are a lot of great ideas packed inside Adam’s 715-square-foot NYC apartment, but the bright, beautiful pastel bedroom is definitely a showstopper.

3. Give it up for a bold headboard and the mannequin in the corner.

Rachael Havenhand took “adding a pop of color” to a whole other level in what was once “a beautiful, but so very beige” home in Sheffield, England. Her entire 830-square-foot home is original, eccentric, and over the top in the very best way, and her bedroom is no exception. The hot pink headboard paired with the purple painted walls is the perfect combination for a bold, one-of-a-kind bedroom. No wonder she loves it.

4. We guarantee you’ve never seen a greenery wall done quite like this.

TikTok is a fun place to retreat from everyday life because of creators like Taylor BeepBoop. So, it’s no surprise that her colorful condo in San Francisco is just as vibrant and inspiring as she is. In her bedroom, Taylor covered nearly a wall with bright, lush, faux leaves to create a DIY headboard that’s got us green with envy.

5. What could be better than a pastel rainbow headboard? A hot pink fireplace.

 Kate Forsyth and Dave Bunting have covered their home with soft pinks and pretty pastels and filled it with “a glorious mix of old and new.” Their primary bedroom in particular is like a master class on how to incorporate cool colors while preserving character in a home. They DIYed an arched, rainbow-colored headboard to bring in something new, and painted the old fireplace a hot pink to tie it all together.

Credit: Shea Keating

6. Funky wallpaper creates an illusion on the ceiling — and we’re big fans.

If you’re into bold prints and patterns, then you probably already know about the magical world of peel-and-stick wallpaper. Shea Keating and her husband Rich Lamiroult have a fun, colorful, and eclectic home so, naturally, there’s cool wallpaper everywhere — even their bedroom ceiling. To make their bedroom even more magical, they put wallpaper on the blades of the ceiling fan for a super cool illusion so seamless you just might miss it.

Credit: Carina Romano

7. Wallpaper applied in a circle shape.

If you find yourself in awe of the wonders of wallpaper, then you’ll love Sue Liedke‘s bedroom. “There are seven different prints(!) in my home which seems like a lot… but I tried to use it in ways that don’t overwhelm you in the space,” Sue says. One way she did this was by creating a large circle with patterned wallpaper that serves as the focal point of her bedroom.

Credit: Camille Lai

8. Wood becomes a cool 3-D pattern in this DIY-filled bedroom.

Camille Lai says her favorite space in their entire 1200-square-foot Florida bungalow is the primary bedroom, and it makes total sense. The accent wall behind her bed is covered in a beautifully-executed DIY that showcases some serious woodworking skills.

9. Proof that closets can use a little color, too.

Zoë Withered lives in a beautiful 2000-square-foot ranch in Seattle, Washington, inspired by travel, art, and fashion. The entire house is bright and colorful, with playful painted accents and intentional pops of mustard yellow in just about every room. This bedroom might have the coolest paint job of all, using the color “Tanlines” by Backdrop to creating a stunning linear design on a pair of basic closet doors.

Incredibly colorful bedrooms

When splashed with vibrant hues, bedrooms become bold spaces that can energize you.

Credit: Carina Romano

10. A bold wallpaper nook complements a bold wall color.

This colorful nook in Chanae Richards‘ bedroom should go down in the accent wall hall of fame. While Richards considers her 1600-square-foot home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a “minimalist retreat,” the primary bedroom is anything but. The bright teal walls and her grandmother’s leopard print robe give the room of a “Jungalow vibe,” but the floral wallpapered nook is the star of the show.

11. In a house full of pastels, this primary bedroom’s purple is perfect.

When Anna and Richard first moved into their Lincoln Square condo in Chicago, Illinois, all they wanted to do was paint and pack as much color into each room as possible. “Every wall was gray, so the first thing we did was paint every single room a different pastel color,” Anna says. She took a bold and fearless approach everywhere she could, but the bedroom is a real work of art boasting pastel purple walls.

Credit: Anna Jacobs

12. You won’t be blue in this bedroom painted in shades of blue.

“My style is fresh, creative, and full of vibrant color that makes us happy,” Anna Jacobs says of her colorful three-bedroom flat in the UK. While the entire home is cheery and delightful, Anna’s main bedroom offers the ultimate source of joy in at least four different shades of blue.

13. Graffiti meets abstract art in this guest bedroom.

If you’re a fan of graffiti and abstract art, then you’d love to visit Rowena Martinich and Geoffrey Carran. Their home in Victoria, Australia is filled with incredibly colorful pieces of art, many of which are their own. The spare bedroom that was once white and bare served as the perfect canvas for Rowena’s artwork, like a wall-to-wall abstract mural and an IKEA bedframe that she painted, too.

14. The custom chair matches the wallpaper in this sleep space.

Jaclyn Madar is living in her first “grown-up” apartment in Montreal and decided to decorate it with a style she calls “spirited vintage.” Jaclyn hired a designer named Adrianna who used a sleigh bed, bold patterns, and dark shades of green and blue to display that style inside her bedroom. Another cool, unique detail the designer added was having the vintage chair custom painted by Mixxy Design to match the striped wall covering, which really makes this room one-of-a-kind.

15. Colorful lightening bolts makes an electric headboard.

Each room in Kate Forsyth and Dave Bunting’s Australia home has a different vibe and loads of personality — their son Remy’s bedroom is no exception. Their best piece of advice (and what they live by when decorating) is simple: “Ignore what’s trendy.” So naturally, Remy’s colorful bedroom sports bright teal walls, a few different shades of green, and a very cool headboard made of rainbow lightning bolts.

16. A bold blue wall paint color electrifies this bedroom.

Amy Shirlaw‘s 850-square-foot apartment in Edinburgh, Scotland, is bursting with color and gorgeous vintage decor. Amy’s design style is eclectic, arty, and cozy and her bedroom is a perfect example. The walls are painted a really bright, electric shade of blue that makes the entire room look like a framed work of art.

17. The mural on this wall literally looks like the sun.

Darcie Tashey and her husband Lucas Tashey have turned their 1000-square-foot Chicago home into a colorful jungle housing over 90 plants. Some of the biggest plants in the house live happily in their bedroom, bringing even more life and color to an already bright and beautiful space. As if the leafy plants against bright white walls weren’t cheery enough, the couple used BEHR’s “Laser Lemon” as the perfect accent color.

18. If this doesn’t make you want to paint a mural in your house, nothing will.

Laura Horstmann’s Los Angeles home has a bold, punk, vintage vibe that’s just as vibrant and unique as she is. “My friend Carlo described it as Lisa Frank meets Hot Topic the first time they saw my place and they were absolutely correct,” Laura says. The ’70s-inspired mural on her bedroom wall is made with Sherwin-Williams’ “Blue Chip,” “Raucous Orange,” “Rayo de Sol,” “Pink Flamingo,” “Calypso,” and “White Hyacinth.”

19. The wallpaper matches the bedding in this patterned bedroom.

Dani Dazey and Phillip Butler own a 1200-square-foot home in Los Angeles that serves as a master class on how to perfectly pair bold patterns and prints. There’s cool wallpaper just about everywhere, and this bedroom might have the best one. What’s even cooler, is that both the bedding and wallpaper came from Hygge&West and they have the exact same print.

20. Color makes this bedroom a “sexy coffin.”

Blogger and event planner Libby Rasmussen is a proud maximalist who loves using color and bold patterns. “I also have a penchant for old furniture, Depression glass, velvet, and florals,” Libby says. Her bedroom, which she and her friend Shannon jokingly call #ProjectSexyCoffin, is a beautiful collection of all the things she loves like floral wallpaper, funky art, and disco balls, of course.

21. Can’t decide on one wallpaper print? Use them all!

Annie Price and her partner Jamie Paterson own a creative, vintage-inspired home in Victoria, Australia. Annie and Jamie put a cool spin on wallpaper in their bedroom by mismatching seven different patterns. The pretty pom-pom lined headboard (made by Annie) also adds a nice, personal touch while still sticking with the vintage theme.

22. Hello bright and airy, meet colorful and eclectic.

Aelfie Oudghiri is the founder of a pretty popular home goods company known for their funky designs and bold use of color. Aelfie’s 1800-square-foot loft in Brooklyn is big, bright, and full of the character and charm that makes her business so successful.

23. Funky art, a velvet headboard, and a bold wallpaper color make this bedroom chic.

“I am an interior designer with a limited budget,” Kara says. “So it was a fun challenge to turn an apartment with popcorn ceiling into a space that I can proudly call my own.” Her entire 708-square-foot apartment in Los Angeles has a clean, modern glam look and her bedroom is just as beautiful. The green velvet-y headboard against the salmon pink walls makes it look super luxe and the chic art ties it all together.

24. A unique paint job makes this blue bedroom one-of-a-kind.

Ginevra Held lives in a 1200-square-foot apartment with San Francisco, California with her mother Beverly. Their overall style is eclectic, bohemian, French and English, but the bedroom is where Ginevra really let her personality shine. She completely color-blocked the room, decorating with over three different shades of blue. About two thirds of the walls are painting using Farrow & Bal’s St. Giles with a jagged line making the paint job look unfinished, but still like a masterpiece, all at the same time.

25. Gradient wallpaper makes this bedroom dreamy.

Amy Exton is an interior and set designer who uses vibrant color and patterns to create magical rooms. Each room in her three-story town house in Margate, England is more colorful and vibrant than the next. This particular bedroom has gradient wallpaper halfway up the wall, a shiny blue light pendant, and a cool ceiling medallion that brings it all together.

Calming and serene bedrooms

If bold colors in the bedroom seem too extreme, take notes from the bedrooms below. They use calming colors and soft textures to craft serene bedrooms that will calm.

Credit: Erin Derby

26. The combination of art, patterns, and texture in this room is just too good.

AT’s Executive Home Director, Danielle Blundell, has been living in her Upper East Side apartment in New York with her husband for eight years. Their entire place is only 600 square feet, so their bedroom isn’t huge, but it’s definitely designed well. The chunky knit blanket paired with the modern patterned sheets and tufted headboard prove how mixing a few different textures goes a really long way.

Credit: Minette Hand

27. This bedroom is giving serious cozy cabin vibes.

Sara Barge, Shelby Goodwin, and Stephanie Gutierrez live in a 1344-square-foot home in Austin, Texas. The overall vibe is relaxed, homey, and inviting, styled with lots of natural textures and neutral tones. While most of the walls in their home are painted shades of white and gray, they took a different approach in this bedroom. With the beautiful wood paneled walls, white sheets, and plants, the only thing missing in this room is a fireplace.

Credit: Sylvie Li

28. The wall art and neutral color palette create a zen, boho retreat.

Isa Lora Messier‘s love for modern vintage decor and boho vibes has inspired every design choice in her 1500-square-foot home in Montréal, Québec, Canada. She strikes the perfect balance between calm and charming by using a neutral color palette. The fringed light fixture above her bed paired with the macrame wall art create a relaxing boho feel that’s perfect for a bedroom.

29. Layers of peaches and pinks are giving off soft, 1970s vibes.

Katie Zamprioli‘s main bedroom in her candy-colored California home features lots and lots of layers of pink and peach that’s too pretty not to love. There’s a peach vintage rug, a variety of peach and yellow velvet pillows, and a peach tasseled duvet cover from Urban Outfitters. Oh, and those long, mustard yellow curtains add the perfect dramatic touch.

Credit: Minette Hand

30. It’s so bright and cheery in here, there’s no room for a bad mood.

Chambers Austelle is a contemporary painter and her 1374-square-foot home in Charleston, South Carolina, is full of her beautiful art. Her design style is a mix of traditional and modern, with Parisian inspiration, so her bedroom makes total sense. It’s a mix of bright whites and soft pastels that makes it so bright and cheerful, you can’t help but smile when you see it.

31. A pink half wall and white sheers balance pops of bold color.

Kate Jansen has been living in this artsy and inviting home in Victoria, Australia, with her family. Kate considers her style eclectic, colorful, fun, and relaxed, and that’s the perfect way to describe this bedroom. It’s got half the wall painted a pretty shade of pink, sunlight pouring through the sheer white curtains, and really fun artwork and cushions on the bed. It’s a calming mix of soft colors and bold colors.

Credit: Erin Derby

32. Light green walls are the perfect soothing backdrop in this bedroom.

If you want your home to be bright but you don’t want to do white, then Emma Frank may have found the perfect solution. “Painting was a big priority because I’m super sensitive to colors,” Emma says. So, she and her husband, Pedro, painted their entire 700-square-foot Brooklyn apartment a muted green and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Credit: Minette Hand

33. The black accent wall makes this bedroom a cozy, calming, cave-like space.

Looking at Jodi Bond‘s beautiful and bright 2500-square-foot home in Sugar Hill, Georgia, you may not expect to see a wall painted black — but there is! Her bedroom used to be white and airy like the rest of the house, but Jodi’s style is always evolving. Now, the main bedroom has a dark, moody feature wall draped in greenery that creates a cozy, calming, cave-like sleep space.

Credit: Cass Smith

34. Dark gray is the soothing base for this calm bedroom.

If you like a more modern, traditional design style then you’ll love Cass Smith‘s home. Cass lives in a 3600-square-foot house in Virginia with her husband and two daughters. Though they’ve lived here for about two and a half years, she says she’s “still replacing boob lights and working on one room at a time.” One room that looks completely put together is her bedroom, painted a dark shade of gray and styled with clean mid-century modern furniture.

35. This bedroom is a perfect mix of minimalist and artsy.

 Josie Azuma has a unique style that she considers “mid-century Scandinavian New Orleans eclectic.” In the primary bedroom of her 1800-square-foot New Orleans home, Josie does a great job of pulling all this style together. She’s got a creamy headboard against a clean white wall, with shiny brass light sconces and minimalist art to pull it all together.

Credit: Erin Derby

36. The traditional farmhouse style in this bedroom feels like a fairytale.

Sade and her husband, William, live in a cozy colonial 2000-square-foot home in New Jersey with their daughter, Sage, and son, Oliver. The house was built back in 1837 and the whole place is still full of charm and original features that they’ve enhanced along the way. Sade and her husband restored the hardwood floors just about everywhere, and they look especially beautiful in Sage’s soothing bedroom.

37. The minimalist approach in this bedroom really lets the architecture sing.

Brownstones are known to have striking architecture and charming original features. Shelley V. Worrell and Janluk Stanislas live in a 2600-square-foot brownstone in Flatbush and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Instead of filling their large bedroom with lots of decor and furniture, Shelley and Janluk decided to keep it simple. She styled it simply with bedside tables, lamps, and a ceiling fan from Design Within Reach. Shelley says, “My home was done on a budget for sure. It’s literally a labor of love.”

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

38. White paired with light wood creates the perfect Scandi-inspired bedroom.

When it comes to minimalist and Scandi-style rooms, less it always more. Émilie and her daughter Brook shares this bright and airy 700-square-foot apartment in Canada that’s all about clean, earthy vibes. When styling her home (and this bedroom) Émilie’s biggest indulgence was natural wood, “it kind of became an obsession,” she says. Émilie was going for a Scandinavian, vintage sort of look and hit the nail right on the head.

Credit: Jo Chattman

39. This cool, pink geometric swirl art is way better than a headboard.

Hanging the right art can make a big difference in a space, and Molly Hatch gets it. Each room in her 1450-square-foot home in Florence, Massachusetts, has different art with a different vibe, but this bedroom might be the best. There’s a large, pink modular wall piece above the bed from Bend Goods that makes such a bold statement, she doesn’t even need a headboard.

40. Wood walls and a black and white color palette give this bedroom Scandi farmhouse vibes.

It’s not everyday that you see Parisian mixed with farmhouse, but Rachael Myers and Samuel Littell took it there. “I would say my style is French farmhouse,” Rachael says, and her favorite element in their 1450-square-foot Lafayette, Louisiana, home is the exposed wood walls. The walls, the floors, and the doors are all white, making it feel Scandi and airy. They still managed to tie in the farmhouse feel with the metal bed frame and vintage furniture.

41. Gray wainscoting and natural textures create a calm retreat.

Achieving that calming, coastal style doesn’t mean abandoning your love of art and color, and Briony Delves sure didn’t. She went coastal in the bedroom of her 1938-square-foot home in Australia by pairing neutral pastels with textured patterns. The striped linens on her bed and gray wainscoting behind it really steal the show.

Super small bedrooms

When your bedroom happens to lack square feet, you have to use smart storage and furniture arranging skills to fit both a big bed and anything else inside.

Credit: Erin Derby

42. Bold color and narrow storage make this small bedroom sing.

When painting smaller rooms, you may consider going with a light color to make the room feel bigger. But Libby Duke says, “Some rooms are just SMALL and it doesn’t matter what color you paint them because they’ll still be small!” With nothing but fun and good vibes in mind, Libby painted her bedroom Benjamin Moore’s “Summer Sun Pink” and it’s a bold and beautiful choice.

43. Minimal decor and natural textures keep this small bedroom airy.

Since Ryan Sanchez‘s home is a 200-square-foot Airsteam, this may be one of the tiniest bedrooms ever. The bed is pushed into a little nook, so there’s virtually no floor space. Instead of a nightstand with a lamp, he mounted a small light above the bed and lets the natural sunlight from the window do the rest.

44. This tiny house has a tiny bedroom that’s packed with character.

Rachel Stroly and her husband Logan converted this 700-square-foot garage into a tiny house for Airbnb guests. They built a ladder that leads to an elevated loft area where this bedroom is and nearly 150 people give it five stars! The room has a colorful, cozy, boho vibe with creative touches like mismatched lamps, polka-dots instead of a traditional paint job, and chairs on either side of the bed to serve as nightstands.

45. This tiny nautical bedroom is soothing and calm.

Jennifer Shaw‘s cute 622-square-foot Cape Cod cottage will make you want to live by the sea. She decorated this small home in “New England nautical vintage cottage” style, and the small bedroom follows suit.

46. A shipping container home’s small bedroom embraces industrial.

Rob DePiazza used art, a comfy bed, and beautiful sheets to turn a corner of this shipping container into a cozy bedroom. “The overall theme of the Prince Road Container House (PRCH) is to reveal and celebrate materials and construction techniques that are typically concealed,” DePiazza says. So instead of cover up the wall with plaster and paint, he embraced it, which is the most unique feature in the room.

Credit: Dustin Walker for Hutch

47. A floating shelf turned out to be a genius space saver in this small bedroom.

When you have a smaller bedroom, but want a full-sized bed like Beatrice Fischel-Bock, then you’ve got to get a little creative. In her small, stylish bungalow in West Hollywood, California, Beatrice utilized the wall space in her bedroom instead of buying a ton of furniture. The floating shelf beneath the TV instead of a dresser is a genius space saver, and the gallery wall behind her bed is her favorite feature in the whole house.

Credit: Erin Derby

48. This tiny bedroom is minimalism at its finest.

Fredd Wilson lives happily in a 400-square-foot apartment in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, filled with books, plants, and other things he loves. For the decor, he took an industrial-meets-minimalist approach that’s neutral and modern. In his bedroom, there’s not much art hanging on the exposed brick wall, and a single semi-sheer gray curtain makes the room simple, yet relaxing.

Credit: Minette Hand

49. The storage solutions in this tiny bedroom are so smart.

Erica Williams and Kristen Richard have the cutest minimalist-meets-jungalow style 200-square-foot Airstream in Hemphill, Texas. There isn’t much space for a door, so they slid their bed against the wall to create a large, comfy bedroom nook with strategic storage. The bed frame has built-in storage all around the sides, and a small woven hammock hanging above the bed keeps things secure and out of the way.

50. Natural wood and a skylight makes this small bedroom feel much larger than it is.

The bedroom is so small in this 145-square-foot tiny house on wheels, there literally isn’t room for anything but the bed. Of all the things to love in Lee Pera‘s home, this space is her favorite, and for good reason. The light, the natural wood surrounding the bed, and all the sunlight pouring in makes it feel bright and bigger than it actually is. She says, “It’s cozy, but I don’t feel claustrophobic because of the skylight.”

Bedroom areas carved out of a studio

What do you do when your home doesn’t even HAVE an actual wall-off bedroom? Why you get creative to use other ways to distinguish your sleep space from the rest of your home.

Credit: Andrew Bui

51. Plants and bookcase help define this bedroom corner.

Esi Agbemenu lives in a 400-square-foot studio apartment. Though it’s just one room, she’s managed to create distinctive zones, including a bedroom corner that feels cozy.

Credit: Franco Cheng

52. This studio has a bed alcove in what used to be a closet.

In a studio, you have to work with what you’ve got to try and separate your living space from your bedroom. For Franco Cheng, this mean converting the built-in wardrobe near the door into an alcove for a bed in his 450-square-foot studio. He believes (and he’s right) that this helps to strike the balance between enclosure and visibility at the short entryway.

Credit: Erin Derby

53. At first glance you might miss this bed in this small studio.

With just 350-square-feet, Christine Leahy‘s homey studio apartment in Brooklyn, New York, is not spacious by any means. So, she DIYed a loft bed with a desk underneath. “I wanted a workspace that I could use for my full-time job, but also a large surface where I could explore other creative pursuits that wasn’t in the way,” Christine says. This bed/office combo checks all her boxes, and it’s cute! Oh, and bonus point for all the storage she created, too.

Credit: Minette Hand

54. A small studio finds bedroom storage wherever it can.

“At 225 square feet, this apartment has been one of my ‘biggest’ challenges,” Whitney Thayne says, “and the smaller the space, the more you have to dream up space-specific techniques to function.” She’s been renting her Brooklyn Heights studio for over three years and has discovered some genius storage solutions along the way. The most impressive is the “dresser” she built out of narrow IKEA storage pieces, taking up little-to-no floor space.

Credit: Jung Hi Han

55. Turns out, wallpaper is a great way to distinguish two spaces that share a single wall.

In her 315-square-foot apartment on the Upper East Side of New York, Jung Hi Han immediately fell in love with the high ceilings. To accentuate the ceiling in her tiny studio, she went for a beautiful chinoiserie-style wallpaper on the wall behind her bed. Since a studio is essentially one big room, this also does a great job of separating the living space from where she sleeps.

56. This is a bed nook like you’ve never seen.

You’ve probably seen a murphy bed before. They’re functional space savers that you can pull down or put away when you need them. For Miki Carter‘s bedroom in her 560-square-foot apartment in Pasadena, a murphy bed made the most sense. She decided to mix style with function and jazz up her bed nook by adding a fun hanging textile to really let her personality shine through.

57. A DIY plywood bed features a built-in nightstand.

Becky Elfes-Terjung and Cliff Lance are a creative couple who love color and displaying art in their 400-square-foot studio. As a display artist, Becky loves to create cool things from scraps and get playful with plywood. She even DIYed a headboard from plywood, a TV stand, and a hutch to store her clothes. If you ask Becky, “Making things isn’t as hard as you may think!”

58. A bright yellow accent wall and a curtain help divide the bed area in this studio.

Jeremy Lugo and Elaine Musiwa say they gravitate toward two things: color and Scandinavian design. So it makes total sense that their entire home is modern and minimal, but then the bedroom has such a big pop of color. The entire wall behind their oak platform bed is painted a cheerful shade of yellow. The couple says, “this is exactly the mood we wanted to set for ourselves, and for our guests.”

59. A half curtain and bookcase help divide this bed nook.

There are all sorts of ways to section off your bed area when you live in a 490-square-foot studio. For Amelia Nicholas, she opted for a curtain instead of the traditional wall divider or large piece of furniture. The soft color and material make this a cozier, inviting space to chill. No wonder Amelia’s friends describe her home as a “warm hug.”