How to Store Necklaces & Other Jewelry: 14 Creative Ideas

published Jun 21, 2017
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

If you’re a chronic necklace tangler or someone who always seems to lose just one earring in every pair, it might be time to rethink your jewelry storage. According to the expansive (and somewhat oversaturated) world of organizational tools and supplies, there is a solution for everything, and whether you adore lengthy necklaces, dangly bracelets, chunky rings, or hoop earrings, there’s a way you can keep your collection sorted and tidy.

Maybe you’re in need of purchasing a whole new set-up, or perhaps you’ve got supplies at home you think you could work with. Either way, you won’t regret following through and finally organizing the accessories that always seem to be last on your list of cleaning priorities. Up ahead are 14 different ideas and products to keep your brightest, sparkliest baubles in order.

Credit: Andrew Bui

1. Look up for storage opportunities

The cool black accent wall in this Brooklyn apartment makes for a jewelry display unlike anything you can find in-store. To get a similar look, paint a small strip of color in an inconspicuous spot (like above a door frame) and use small pin nails or adhesive wall hooks to hang your baubles.

2. Go boho with a trendy hanger

If you adorn yourself with costume jewelry or have larger accessories you’d like to organize, opt for a detailed hanger like this, which shows off your best gems and looks undeniably trendy at the same time. What boho lover wouldn’t want the moon phases displayed on their wall?

DIY jewelry wall display and vanity.

3. Branch out

Driftwood will forever be a hot DIY commodity. There is so much you can do with these sun-bleached sticks, including creating a designated spot for bracelets and necklaces. Stick with one if you’re a minimalist, or stagger a set of three for a display worthy of accolades.

4. Opt for a chic jewelry box

This isn’t the ballerina-topped musical box of your childhood (though there’s nothing wrong with wanting to resurrect a vintage treasure, either!) If you haven’t upgraded this organization system with something fit for adulting, this modern lacquer box from West Elm is the perfect substitute. Who knew these boxes could be so stylish?

Credit: Minette Hand

5. Work with acrylic

Clear trays and boxes are not only wallet-friendly, but they also look Instagrammable in a matter of minutes. Sort your jewelry by color or type and place your collection on top of a vanity or dresser, like in this perfectly organized studio apartment, for an elegant display that doesn’t require any DIY know-how or blow to your budget.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

6. Utilize the color palette

Why go outside of your accessory collection to find pops of color? You can add plenty of color to a room, like in this gorgeous Toronto apartment, by stacking and arranging your jewelry to serve as an accent in its own right. Frame a mirror or table with this set up to make selecting your jewels each morning that much easier.

7. Try out tabletop storage

Even your earrings have a space in this space-saving stand. You’ll be able to hang up everything from necklaces to bracelets alongside your studs and hoops, and not have to worry about taking up too much coveted space for the rest of your dresser top accessories.

8. Find space in unused drawers

Most jewelry organization solutions involve the tops of tables or dressers or some kind of hanging contraption, but in this professional organizer’s beautiful home, she uses drawers to house her accessories. Installing dividers and sections for different baubles will make hunting for your daily accessories a piece of cake.

9. Infuse personality with this femme figure organizer

Figuring out a neat and tidy system for your jewelry doesn’t need to look boring. Your personal tastes can shine through with this trendy hanger, which infuses any space with attitude and keeps a curated selection of your necklaces and rings from getting tangled or lost.

10. Spice things up with a glimmering tray

Rings, earrings, and other accessories that don’t pose the risk of knotting together don’t necessarily need a large display. Instead, why not opt for a glamorous plate or tray that holds your trinkets and keeps them safe, but takes up little space? You’ll know exactly where to find things every morning.

Credit: Kim Lucian

11. Rethink the standard jewelry box

There’s no need to go out and buy a storage system if you have the ingredients at home. Boxes, containers, and glass bottles — as seen in this gorgeous jewelry studio — can all serve as one-of-a-kind jewelry displays that are an original take on storage solutions.

12. Go for a fun ring holder

If you, like Beyoncé, like to put a ring on it, you’ll need a catch-all for your treasures. If your style asks for more than basic bins, this wooden hand model might be just what you need. It keeps things sorted and throws the peace sign at anyone who enters your space.

Credit: Joe Lingeman

13. Repurpose old toys

Yes, even dinosaur figurines can make for cute jewelry storage. If you have unused toys (or want to go buy some, because these are so dang cute), all you need is a little spray paint to turn them into fun ring and bracelet holders. They’re a far cry from a square bin or cushioned case.

14. Upcycle a cool vintage door

Those of us who get excited about the potential of antiquated finds will instantly want to copy this door-turned-jewelry-storage found in a chic and thrifty