14 Dogs Whose Thanksgiving Posts Are Better Than Your Holiday Card

published Nov 23, 2017
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At a time of year when family tensions run high, and travel stress and politics can make you lose your faith in humanity, we’re grateful for these Instagram dogs whose Thanksgiving posts are just too pure for this world.

Yes, I am one of those “dog moms” who created an entire Instagram account for her pups and their rescue (@KeepAustinWhippet, if you’re so inclined). At first, it was just a way to channel the 14,568 photos I take of them every week and spare my family and friends on my personal/professional accounts — but, as a recent Boston to Austin transplant, it was also a fulfilling and uplifting way to connect with a local and international community of people who really love their dogs as much as I do, and make new friends and a new support system in the process. And I’m eternally grateful for that — especially when their feed is full of photos as fabulous as these.

So sit back, scroll, relax, feel the tension in your head and shoulders melt away, and breathe in the pure joy (and virtual oxytocin) of these 14 Instagram dogs whose Thanksgiving posts just might be better than any holiday card you receive.

1. This dog with Dad Jokes

In addition to being a therapy dog through Divine Canines, wonder mutt Freddy Pickles (whose mom Stephanie Pellegrin is a young adult author) always has jokes and jokes and jokes — and some of the best captions.

2. This Lumberjack pup who can’t wait for your post-turkey hike

My pup Pixie would be swiping right if @BouncerJames came up in her Tinder profile, no doubt. And then heading back to an A-frame cabin afterward for cuddles by the fire.

TFW you’re ready for the holiday weekend but it’s only Monday

A post shared by Bouncer (@bouncerjames) on

3. This basic bish who just wants to drink her PSL in peace

Oy, with the poodles already. (sips coffee) We feel you, @TruffleFoxie.

4. These Spuds Mackenzie dogs who just discovered Pinterest

We’d like to be your original party people, please and thank you.

5. This tiny but mighty who just cannot wait for the Macy’s Parade

But what else would you expect from a Yorkie in New Yorkie?

6. These Goldens who are over it with the matching outfits already.

Twinning is for the little kids, mom. Gawd. You’re so embarrassing.

7. These turkeys.

Bull-dogges, you are just killing us right now. We’ll have one of each.

When they put you in charge of the turkey and you can’t decide between a smoked or a brined turkey ?

A post shared by Sumo, Ayumi, Tonka,Mochi,&Zuko (@3bulldogges) on

8. These three musketeers are who are diversity squad goals.

Pardon us, but Esther the Wonder Pig is the eccentric aunt we all wish was actually coming to dinner this year. We made extra plant-based dishes, just for her.

Things are getting kinda crazy up in here.

A post shared by Esther The Wonder Pig (@estherthewonderpig) on

9. This terrier who would rather be the centerpiece.

Nothing to see here. Except Minnie’s fabulous blow out, natch.

10. These pilgrims who clearly have not yet seen The Witch.

Load up the cart and let’s get a move on, people! It’ll be dark soon.

Thankful Doggies. www.doggienanny.com #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdogs #thanksgivingdogsofinstagram #thanksgivingdog

A post shared by The Doggie Nanny (@doggienanny) on

11. This pug who didn’t choose the life, the pug life chose him.

And Doug, let us just say that you rock that look even harder than Wishbone and Drumstick.

How every turkey feels before Thanksgiving

A post shared by Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) on

12. This doodle who wants to know ARE WE THERE YET?

Aww, Addie, but you make even hangry look adorable.

13. This pint sized hostess with the mostess.

Cutest little turkey ever award, no doubt.

14. This crew that proves, yes, everybody can just get along.

Happy Thanksgiving!