20 Clever (and Stylish!) Storage Solutions for Kids Rooms

updated Jun 30, 2022
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Finding practical yet attractive storage solutions and organizational ideas for kids’ rooms can feel like an uphill battle. This is especially the case if you’re trying to avoid major installations and custom work. However, there are plenty of brilliant kids room storage ideas out there on social media — and from Apartment Therapy readers — that will help you streamline toys, clothes, shoes, books, and other clutter with ease and style. Read on to discover 20 genius ways to bring more order and organization to any child’s room. 

1. Pegboards are your friend.

We love how this kid-sized craft room allows for both creativity and order. Joy Cho of Oh Joy! created this vibrant storage corner that goes all the way up the walls with a little help from colorful pegboards. She ensures everything has its place without going overboard while making extra room for displaying her daughters’ artwork, and the space was beautifully photographed by Bethany Nauert.

2. Find (or build) a chest that matches your child’s bed.

This multi-purpose chest blends right in with the room’s furnishings in this Portugal home. Mother Susanna found a pretty chest that she painted the same color as her daughters’ bunk beds to create this sneaky storage solution that also doubles as a cozy spot for reading.

3. Create a happy storage HQ.

Hayley of @kidofthevillage used a brilliant tactic to make organization more fun: creating a colorful and exciting storage center. A little accent paint, some festive decor, and cheery wall art make clean-up time a bit more appealing for little ones. 

Credit: IKEA

4. Invest in drawer inserts.

Let messy drawers be a thing of the past once and for all! We love IKEA’s Skubb box sets that will help socks, shirts, and undies stay in their designated places. At $5.99 for a set of six, you just might want to stock up for your own chest of drawers, too. 

Credit: Qui Kruithoff

5. Create your own shelving system for toys and books.

You don’t need to have a big budget or ample room to create an efficient and aesthetically pleasing shelving system. Take a page from Jacqueline Kruithoff and her Kalamazoo home, which features a wall of easy-to-install floating shelves that bring color and order to her son’s room. 

6. The walls are also great for extending your kid’s closet.

If you’re short on closet space, consider hanging kids’ clothes on wall-mounted rods for extra room. Choose your child’s most adorable pieces, and they’ll look like wall art. 

(Image credit: Carolyn Purnell)

7. Never underestimate the power of a crib skirt.

 A crib skirt, like this one in Meg & Joe’s Uptown Chicago house, isn’t just for decoration. This simple piece of fabric can hide things you want to stash away and looks good doing it. Chat with your local upholsterer to create the perfect skirt for beds, console tables, desks, and more. 

(Image credit: David Rosendale)

8. Be selective about which items are worthy of display.

Part of the charm of the kids’ room in a Victoria, Australia home is all of the items on display. If you can put holes in the walls, consider small shelves for toys and books, and hooks for clothes and hats. Wooden crates also serve as great visual pieces and practical storage areas. Choose pieces that showcase your child’s personality and interests to individualize the space. 

(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

9. Shop for storage beds.

Those who are in the market for new beds may benefit from choosing functional options, such as this one in a Glasgow duplex. Not only will this keep you from having to add an extra piece of furniture to the room, there will be no dust bunnies hiding under the bed.  

(Image credit: Lesley Graham)

10. Lean on wire baskets for cute books and toys.

Kids’ room organization is all about the balance of display and concealment to ensure the space feels uniquely theirs. We love how the owners of this Marietta, Georgia home placed more appealing toys and books in wire baskets to streamline clutter while still looking pretty. You’ll find plenty of options on Amazon

(Image credit: Courtney Adamo)

11. Better yet, start a basket collection.

Keep your eye out for beautiful baskets and start collecting as you travel and shop for other spaces in the home. Your child won’t have to dig through drawers to find their favorite stuffed animals, and they’ll add a well-collected sensibility to the room, as shown in this London home

(Image credit: Scout Photo)

12.  Go old-school with a vintage-style trunk.

A trunk is an easy way to store a large amount of toys, and can also be used as a chair or a table like in this Kansas City home. Plus, it can be used for summer camp and long weekends at grandma’s. 

(Image credit: Raina Skye)

13. Shop smart for a play table.

The play table is this mom’s favorite storage solution in her sons’ room in their Washington State home. The table is utilized as a surface area for board games and drawing, but the drawers contain the toys and books to cut down on visible clutter.

(Image credit: Meg Spaeth)

14. Find drawers that fit under the bed.

If you don’t have a closet or room for an extra dresser, consider utilizing the space underneath the beds as shown here in the kids’ room in a Madison, Wisconsin home that sleeps three. Needless to say, storage is precious! 

(Image credit: Beth Callaghan)

15. Create (or upgrade) a window seat.

 Window seats utilize the small space underneath a window, offer seating and allow for storage, as shown here in a Pacific Palisades nursery. Plus, it just might get your kids more excited about reading if they have a designated corner. 

(Image credit: Brad Trent)

16. Go double-duty on storage and privacy with dividers.  

This shared bedroom in Yonkers is divided by a bookshelf, and attached to the back is a pegboard for extra hanging storage! Now, your kids can have the privacy as they need as they grow older and more room for storing clothes, shoes, toys, and more. 

(Image credit: A Desert Fete)

17. Utilize benches to create storage and seating.

This San Diego nursery has a storage bench with an opening on the side, so Henry can easily access and put away his toys. This also makes more sitting room when friends come to play.

(Image credit: Marcia Prentice)

18. Streamline, don’t stifle, your child’s creativity. 

If you have a child who is hands-on and loves to create jewelry, build cars, or create other goodies, a hanging jewelry holder may do the trick. This will not only keep you from stepping on beads and bobs but will make their pieces easier to see, such as in this Los Angeles treehouse.

(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

19. Try a locker system. 

Lockers are commonplace at school, and they can be a storage workhorse at home, too. These bold red ones can be found in The Wheelers’ L.A. home and can stow away just about anything. 

Credit: Erin Derby

20. Find furniture that can fit in the room’s odd nooks and crannies.

Here, a family of five gets creative with storage space in their 600 square-foot Brooklyn apartment. Sourcing furnishings that can fit in tight or more angular areas of your room can help you maximize space and storage, so your kiddos have more space to play.