Skip the Saw: This Shoebox-Sized Under-$20 Tool Is the Secret to DIYing Wall Moulding the Easy Way

published Jun 25, 2022
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I’ve watched a lot of DIY videos in my time, as I’m sure you have, too. They can be exciting and inspirational — but the scenes with saws will always give me pause. I applaud anyone who can use them with enough ease to impress the cohort of pros that frequent Home Depot on weekday mornings, but I personally feel like I’d be the person who would make one false move to turn my cute makeover video into a cautionary tale. But, that said, I don’t want my hesitation to preclude me from one of this year’s biggest DIY trends — picture frame moulding. That’s why this TikTok from Laura Burkhalter of @makingseamisthome seems even more appealing than a typical before and after project. Why? She doesn’t use a single saw in creating her DIY picture frame moulding.

The video starts with a look at a bright and casual living space, complete with a wall of picture frame moulding painted in white. But here’s the worthwhile catch: Burkhalter notes that she cut the pieces for the moulding without using a saw. Instead, she made use of a multi-angle miter shear. The video takes viewers to the moulding section of Home Depot, where Burkhalter picks out an eight-foot ply cap. Once she’s at home, she positions the miter shear at a 45-degree angle, and then places the ply cap between the blades for that exact cut. After that, it’s basically as simple as using a pair of scissors. (You should still be careful, though — don’t tempt the DIY gods.)

Aside from its ease of use, one of the most appealing parts of this tool is that there’s none of the noise you’d get from a miter or circular saw. You also don’t need to store multiple pieces like you would a miter box. All that, along with its budget-friendly price (the exact one Burkhalter uses goes for less than $20 on Amazon) makes it a no-brainer for apartment-dwelling DIYers.

For those of us who are still building up confidence to use a power saw one day, or even just those of us who want a simpler, more space-friendly solution, a miter shear can come in handy for projects like Burkhalter’s. If you grab one for your own picture frame moulding DIY, don’t be surprised if it becomes a gateway to even bigger projects. After all, it’s always fun to discover a new way to approach a task, and miter shears look like an easy-does-it stepping stone to master as you take on upgrades throughout your home.