This Is What 2023 Holds for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published Jan 3, 2023
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If studying astrology has taught me anything, it’s this: Life is a constant cycle of highs and lows. The cosmic forecast for 2023 is no exception. Between major transits from Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, the astrology of this year will be nothing short of transformational.

But what do these planetary movements mean for each zodiac sign? There’s a lot to take into account, including the energies of each planet, sign, and part of your birth chart being activated. The same astrological transit can impact even the most similar of signs in very different ways.

Lucky for you, I’ve distilled a year’s worth of astro-weather into digestible blurbs. Read on to learn more about what the year ahead has in store for all 12 zodiac signs. (Pro tip: If you’re familiar with your full astrological birth chart, I highly recommend reading the forecast for your Rising sign as well as your Sun sign. This is because the Rising sign orients the Houses of your birth chart, determining which areas of life are activated by a given transit.) Happy New Year!


Did someone say glow-up? Bountiful Jupiter blesses your sign for the first half of 2023, pulling focus on your identity, inner world, and physical appearance. This will amplify come July, when the insatiable North Node of Destiny dips into Aries. Saturn will also visit the part of your chart that governs soul-searches and solo trips, helping you commit to spiritual and emotional self-development. You’ll be particularly expressive — for better or worse — in the summer, when Venus makes an extended trip through the creativity and romance sector of your chart. Just be sure to keep your ego and impulsive tendencies in check, lest your inner Ram cause you to butt heads with the people you love most.

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Taureans were undeniably one of the main characters of 2022. (Shout-out to the North Node and pot-stirring Uranus in Taurus, which formed challenging configurations to Saturn, the reality check of the cosmos, for most of last year.) Once Saturn changes signs in March, you’ll finally experience some long-awaited relief. Jupiter will also grace your sign for the latter half of 2023, empowering you to shamelessly focus on yourself and shake off any lingering self-doubt about your professional or educational pursuits. What are your goals, and how can you find a supportive community to champion you as you move toward them? Word to the wise: Your ruling planet, Venus, makes her biannual retrograde in August. Use this tense time to turn inward and reassess— or realign with — your personal values.


Thanks to an ultra-stagnant Mars retrograde in your sign, Geminis have been running on empty since *checks notes* last October. Don’t fret: You’ll finally regain some momentum once Mars stations direct in January, and again when it switches signs in March. Jupiter and the North Node will each traverse through the friendship and community sector of your chart, so your social life will be a major theme this year. Just be mindful of balance, as Saturn’s trek through Pisces could introduce new challenges in your career or collaborative projects. Also of note: Your ruling planet, Mercury, will retrograde four times in 2023. Take these notoriously chaotic periods as invitations to slow down and self-reflect. Jupiter’s foray into Taurus will make intentional introspection easier for you than usual.


You spent the last few months of 2022 resting and introspecting, positioning you nicely for a very public-facing 2023. Thank Jupiter and the North Node, which will each act as cosmic Bat-Signals for the career and reputation sector of your chart. Saturn’s foray into Pisces could also see you solidifying plans to travel abroad or pursue higher education, perhaps with a professional or romantic partner in tow. You’re ruled by the ultra-sensitive Moon, so you may feel particularly overwhelmed during this year’s lunar eclipses on May 5 and October 28. Turn to your creative outlets or trusted confidants for emotional support on and around those days.


Similar to Taurus, you’ve been stuck in a cosmic tug-of-war with Saturn in Aquarius for the past two years. Come March, the Ringed Planet’s foray into Pisces (and out of that tough configuration with Uranus and the North Node) will bring some much-needed levity back into your life. With Jupiter and the North Node gracing one of the high points of your chart, you may publish a creative work or explore a new area of study. Be mindful of Venus’s retrograde through your sign in August, which could bubble up old insecurities or points of contention in your relationships. Luckily, you’ll have some help from transformative Pluto. With this powerful outer planet dipping into the relationship sector of your chart, you’ll feel empowered to transmute your wounds into wisdom. Just promise me you won’t get bangs while Venus, the planet of beauty, is retrograde.


Just like Gemini, the other Mercury-ruled zodiac sign, you’ve had a particularly sluggish few months riddled with miscommunications. You’ll finally see an uptick in the pace and flow of your life and career once this Mars retrograde period ends in the spring. Saturn’s trek through Pisces will activate the relationship sector of your chart, adding gravity to your romantic or professional partnerships. This will be bolstered by Jupiter and the North Node transiting the part of your chart that governs collaborations and shared resources. You may experience a much-needed reality check in a relationship or collaborative venture — or, alternatively, solidify your commitment to a partner. A word of caution: Don’t make any money moves or grand gestures while Mercury is retrograde. 

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2023 has major growth potential for you, dear Libra. The pressure-relieving South Node of Destiny will enter your sign for the first time in about 19 years, encouraging you to release any self-limiting beliefs or bad habits holding you back in life and love. With lucky Jupiter blessing your one-on-one relationships and collaborations, you’re bound to attract some amazing people this year, perhaps at work or in your local community. When your ruling planet, Venus, stations retrograde in August, you may rely extra hard on your friends, followers, or partners for validation. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this so long as you remember that you can validate yourself, too.


You had a rollercoaster of a 2022, Scorpio, but I’ve got good news: Your main character chapter is coming to a close. Freed from the Saturn-Uranus-North Node trifecta of tension, you’ll feel more buoyant and inspired than you have in years. Come March, Saturn in Pisces will pull focus on your creative outlets and pleasurable pursuits. Jupiter and the North Node will also light up the part of your chart that governs work and daily life, encouraging you to establish routines that support your holistic wellbeing. You may find a way to make some extra money off your passion project, but remember, no income stream is worth sacrificing your peace or stability.


Are you ready to reconnect with your roots? The big astrological transits of 2023 will activate the more private parts of your chart, which govern your family, home, formative experiences, and creative energy. When your planetary ruler, Jupiter, romps through Aries this spring, you may find yourself gravitating toward artworks or lovers reminiscent of your roots. Saturn in Pisces could also usher in a literal voyage home, perhaps to collect cherished possessions or reconnect with family. (The Ringed Planet is often harsh, so an undercurrent of familial obligation could be at play here, for better or worse.) One thing’s for certain: You’ll emerge from 2023 with a deeper understanding of why you are the way you are.


Like Sag, you’ll spend much of 2023 exploring themes of home and family. Jupiter and the North Node will emphasize your foundational experiences, shedding light on your patterning — and with your ruling planet, Saturn, entering the communication sector of your chart, you may get serious about unpacking these dynamics with family members or reflecting on them in writing. Alternatively, you might move to a new home or relocate to a different city entirely. Capricorns value stability, so personal revelations or logistical shake-ups can feel especially uneasy for you. Don’t try to fight change; instead, view it as a necessary nudge from the cosmos. After all, new perspectives or surroundings can be incredibly invigorating.


With Saturn, your ruling planet, exiting your sign for the first time since 2020, you’re poised for a lighter year ahead. Jupiter and the North Node will dial up the volume in the part of your chart that governs communication. You might develop a writing practice or become more extroverted in social settings. Transformational, slow-moving Pluto also makes a brief trip through your sign this spring, marking the beginning of a once-in-a-lifetime transit. You may feel compelled to radically switch up how you dress or interact with the world. When Venus stations retrograde in August, you could experience some tension or conflict with family members, professional collaborators, or romantic partners. Remember, just because you can say the thing doesn’t mean you should.


Congratulations, Pisces — next year, the cosmic spotlight is shining on you. Saturn dips into your sign in March, offering you a once-in-30-year chance to erect some solid personal boundaries and make sure you’re living in alignment with your values. This vital work requires discernment — and with murky Neptune adding confusion to the mix, it will be easier said than done. Ultimately, you’ll come out the other end of this years-long Saturn transit more focused and resilient. In 2023, you may also see a major boost to your bank account when Jupiter, your ruling planet, and the North Node bolster the money sector of your chart. Don’t forget to celebrate your wins amid any cosmic growing pains.