The Type of Gift You Should Get for Each Zodiac Sign

published Dec 1, 2022
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The type of gift you should give base on your zodiac
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year — and no, I don’t mean Sagittarius season. With the winter holidays right around the corner, many people are gearing up to purchase gifts for friends, family, and loved ones. 

Don’t know where to start? Astrology actually offers some useful information about the perfect gift for every person. By examining the properties of someone’s zodiac sign, it’s totally possible to hone in on what kind of present will make their heart sing. 

So, hey, consider letting the cosmos steer your holiday shopping this year. Below, read up on which gift best suits each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. If you’re familiar with your full astrological birth chart, read for your Rising sign, which represents your unique perspective, and your Venus sign, which signifies the things you find enjoyable or aesthetically pleasing. 

Happy gifting!

Aries: A bold accessory

Passionate and expressive, Aries placements know how to make a splash. Encourage their trademark boldness by gifting them a fun accessory that complements their personal style. The brighter and more whimsical, the better. (Pro tip: Aries governs the head, so hats, hair clips, or earrings are sure to be a hit.)

Taurus: A handmade item

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and aesthetics, Taureans gravitate toward anything and everything beautiful. Make this Earth sign feel seen with a luxe, handmade item. You don’t have to make the gift yourself, either. The key here is that it was crafted and chosen with intention.

Gemini: A personalized momento

If there’s one thing those born under the sign of the Twins love, it’s their people. Melt a Gemini’s heart with a personalized memento representative of your relationship. Whether you opt for a framed photo of yourselves together or matching friendship bracelets, you’ll surely appeal to their not-so-secret sentimental side.

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Cancer: A self-care kit

As the “mom friend” of the zodiac, Cancer placements often expend a lot of mental and emotional energy tending to the needs of others. Encourage the Cancerian in your life to put themselves first with a tailor-made self-care kit. It can be as simple as some sheet masks and a gift card to their favorite takeout spot or as elaborate as a full-on spa day.

Leo: Tickets to a show or event

It is no secret that Leos love a show. Make their inner Lion roar by taking them to a special event — perhaps a new production of their favorite musical or a stand-up show by a comedian they’re obsessed with. The more intricately you can tailor the evening to their niche interests and preferences, the better.

Virgo: A class or workshop

Consider gifting your favorite Virgo a class, workshop, or Skillshare course about a topic they’ve expressed interest in exploring. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and learning, so they’ll appreciate any opportunity to broaden their horizons (and as an agile-minded mutable sign, there’s no subject or skill they can’t pick up).

Libra: A book

Those born under this intellectual Air sign love the feeling of losing themselves in a good story. Their perfect gift? A riveting read. Fiction, memoir, poetry — any genre can work so long as it contains a strong narrative element. Bonus points for any book with a beautiful cover, which Venus-ruled Libra is sure to notice.

Scorpio: An ~ experience ~

Stuff comes and goes, but memories are forever. Just ask Scorpio, the sign most closely associated with nature’s death-rebirth cycles. To truly wow your favorite Scorp, give them the gift of an unforgettable one-on-one experience. Whether you opt for an adventurous date night or a once-in-a-lifetime overseas trip, you’re sure to make this guarded Water sign feel special.

Sagittarius: A practical gift

Ruled by outgoing, fun-loving Jupiter, Sags always seem to be doing the absolute most. Help your beloved Archer come back down to earth with a practical present that will bring ease to their everyday life. The more mundane, the better — think a gift card to their favorite local grocery store or a household apparatus they’ll use every single day.

Capricorn: A wall calendar or planner

An ultra-grounded, Saturn-ruled Earth sign, Capricorn placements thrive in the presence of organizational systems. Show them just how much you respect their structure-oriented mind by gifting them a wall calendar, planner, or bullet journal. They’ll feel seen, if a little bit dragged.

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Aquarius: A fancy drink or substance

Aquarians love nothing more than being transported to another realm. Gift the Aqua in your life something that will help them get there mentally, be it a fancy natural wine or delicious CBD-infused edibles. And for the sober Aquarians out there — I see you, and I raise you a crisp, non-alcoholic wine paired with a classic sci-fi flick.

Pisces: A piece of art

Nothing speaks to this intuitive Water sign quite like visual art. Pay homage to their creative spirit with a piece of art they can showcase in their home. It can be a photograph, a watercolor painting, a tufted rug — anything, really. The medium doesn’t matter so much as the raw emotion it evokes.