The Best Way to Be a Better Neighbor, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published Nov 16, 2022
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Whether or not you’ve taken the time to get to know your neighbors personally, you all share at least one common interest: your local community. It’s never too late to start being a better neighbor and making your community a more welcoming place for all the people in it.

Wondering where to start? It turns out your zodiac sign might offer some insight. That’s right: The alignment of the planets and various points in the sky at the moment of your birth reflects how you show up in just about every area of life — including your neighborhood. The different qualities associated with your astrological sign can reveal whether you’d be better suited to, say, plant a community garden, or advocate for diversity in your local homeowners association.

Familiar with your full astrological birth chart? Consult the blurbs for your ascendant, aka your rising sign, which speaks to how you navigate the world, and your Venus sign, which represents your approach to interpersonal relationships.

Aries: Organize (or moderate) a neighborhood Facebook Group.

Since you’re a naturally outgoing Fire sign, it’s likely that you already keep an informal Rolodex of all your neighbors. Put your strong sense of initiative to work by creating or moderating a community Facebook Group. You’ll take great pride in facilitating connection… and on the rare occasion that neighborhood drama arises, you’ll navigate the tension with the strategic mind of a true warrior (after sending screenshots of any heated exchanges to your besties, of course).

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Taurus: Volunteer at a community garden.

As Venus-ruled Earth signs, Taureans are gifted with the greenest thumb of all 12 zodiac signs. Why not get your hands dirty at your local community garden? You’ll appreciate the tactile nature of tending to plants, and your innate urge to beautify the space will benefit you, your neighbors, and your community’s overall curb appeal.

Gemini: Greet new neighbors.

With chatty, lighthearted Mercury as your ruling planet, you’re uniquely primed to strike up introductory conversations with neighborhood newcomers. Curiosity is one of your biggest strengths, so play this asset up by balancing personal anecdotes with thoughtful questions. Your eagerness is sure to charm even the most reclusive types.

Cancer: Host a neighborhood potluck or barbecue.

Cancer placements know a thing or two about food as an expression of love. You can thank your ruling planet, the Moon, which governs the body, emotions, and nourishment of all kinds. Spread that lunar light around by hosting a potluck, barbecue, or similarly food-centric gathering for your community. 

Leo: Party mindfully.

You’re consistently the life of the party, if not the star, and as a fixed sign, you have the stamina to keep the festivities going well into the night. Alas, when you’re so used to occupying the spotlight, it’s easy to forget how your revelries impact the people around you. Practice partying mindfully by alerting your neighbors of any planned gatherings, extending invites where applicable, and keeping noise levels down.

Virgo: Start (or join) a mutual aid group.

A practical, meticulous Earth sign, your skill set lends itself perfectly to launching (or joining) a neighborhood mutual aid network. You’re naturally service-oriented, so you’ll find personal fulfillment in developing a system for community care. Bonus points for anything involving social media, messaging platforms, or email newsletters, all of which fall under the purview of your ruling planet, Mercury.

Libra: Launch a book club.

You love socializing and consuming media, so why not combine those interests by starting a neighborhood book club? Air signs like you excel at intellectual discussion, so you’ll feel totally in your element, especially with the topic of conversation already established. Plus, you’re ruled by Venus — with your enviable taste, every selection is sure to be a hit.

Scorpio: Create a neighborhood emergency preparedness plan.

Scorpio placements often have a macabre streak, but hey, these are unprecedented times. If you ask me, there is nothing inherently wrong with pondering life-or-death situations. Use this propensity to your advantage by developing an emergency preparedness plan for your community. Ideally, you’ll never have to use this plan, but having one in place can reduce anxiety and foster a sense of camaraderie among you and your neighbors.

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Sagittarius: Set up a projector for movie nights.

As the superfan of the zodiac, you’re passionate about anything you consider one of your faves, be it a television show, musical artist, or movie. To spread the love, consider setting up a projector and screening your most cherished films for the whole neighborhood’s enjoyment. Go wild and host a discussion afterward, too. It’s about time you shared your encyclopedic repertoire of trivia with an audience.

Capricorn: Start a neighborhood business directory.

With Saturn as your ruling planet, you value structure and recognition. Developing a neighborhood business directory is a great way to acknowledge the hard work of local entrepreneurs and encourage people in your community to patronize them. You love anything that involves a good organizational system, so you’ll find this work to be energizing, not tedious.

Aquarius: Advocate for diversity and inclusion in your HOA.

You possess a strong sense of righteousness, dear Aquarius, and as a vocal air sign, you’re never afraid to point out the elephant in the room. Try advocating to make your community more inclusive of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people. This could mean assessing the diversity of your HOA’s leadership board or stepping in if you witness discrimination or microaggressions against neighbors from marginalized groups.

Pisces: Beautify the neighborhood with art.

Artistic expression is your forte, and as a deeply intuitive Water sign, you have a knack for honing in on which type of artwork will resonate with the people around you. Consider spearheading a campaign to beautify your neighborhood with visual works. This could be as elaborate as commissioning a new mural or sculpture or as simple as sprucing up your nearest community bulletin board.

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