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This Is Your Sign to Have a “Zodiac Night” at Home

published Nov 3, 2022
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More often than I would like to admit, I go to a little website called to see what’s going on up there. In case you’re wondering, no, it’s not currently and won’t be again until Dec. 29. Whether you have your entire birth chart memorized, you don’t quite know your rising from your moon sign, or you think horoscopes are a bunch of hooey, looking at your life through the lens of your zodiac sign can still be a fruitful practice. It might help open your eyes to a new angle, make you hopeful about a coming time, or feel inspired to do some introspection. That’s why this month, I’m setting aside my next night in to do a little self-care with a twist — powered by astrology. Here’s how to try it out. 

Set the mood. 

This theme is all about stars aligning in your favor, so get a little starry with it. Tape up some classic plastic glow-in-the-dark planets and stars or cue up a starry night time lapse on YouTube. I am always chasing the high of the inflatable planetarium experience from elementary school, so I have my sights set on the galaxy projectors that I’m constantly seeing Instagram ads for, which turn your ceiling into a swirling Milky Way with the touch of a button. Alternatively, take this quiz to find out what your planetary color is, and run with it — turn on some colored light bulbs, set out a new tablecloth, and dress up in that hue. (As a Leo, I’ll be cuddling up with my gold throw pillows, hanging up a gold-framed painting that’s been resting against a wall, and putting on my favorite gold hoops just for fun.) 

Embrace your sign.

Don’t yet know your zodiac sign? Determining your sun sign is as easy as knowing your birth date, or you can take a quick online quiz to calculate your entire chart. From there, explore your sign in the ways that speak to you:

  • See which self-care practice is best suited for you, from lighting an aromatic candle, to taking on a full-body workout, or dancing around your apartment. 
  • No need to spend all night cleaning, but if you have a hankering to do a little tidying up, let your sign guide you to an oft-neglected object to clean, like your vacuum, shower curtain liner, or even your phone.
  • If cleaning isn’t calling your name, maybe redecorating is? See if you should add some minimalist flair or gothic glamor to your space according to this guide to your sign’s dream decor inspiration
  • Play a slightly grown-up version of the game MASH by taking an astrology quiz to find out whether you should live in an apartment building (looking at you, Aries) or a colorful Victorian (Leo). At the very least, it can guide your next escapist Zillow search.
  • Winter is coming, which means lots of time to hone old hobbies and indulge new ones. Unsure which skill to pick up next? Check this quiz to find a hobby your zodiac sign might just enjoy. 
  • If last month’s art theme still has you inspired, see what your zodiac sign has to say about your taste in art. You can try creating a piece in the style yourself, or just reading up on the style to get more acquainted for your next museum visit. 
  • One of the best ways to spend a night in is to intentionally take it slow. There’s no need to do anything, really, but if you’re looking for a nice way to take care of yourself, consult this guide on the most restful activity for your zodiac sign
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Fuel up with some snacks.

All that quiz-taking will probably work up quite an appetite. Halloween is not far in the rearview, so whether you have some leftover candy (or maybe some kids who are willing to share) or you’re looking to take advantage of post-holiday discounted bulk candy prices, try one of these zodiac candy favorites. If you’re looking for more of a “balanced meal” than a delicious sugar rush, why not use this night in to whip up a recipe you’ve never tried before? Taking a recipe out of a new-to-you cookbook is an excellent way to mix things up — and even find a new go-to meal.

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