How to Find Your Dream Decor Inspiration, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published Jan 1, 2022
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A maximalist Los Angeles home.

It’s a new year, and a new opportunity to discover your dream home’s decor style. The problem is there are so many different decor styles to choose from (as well as beautiful homes to look at for inspiration), it can be difficult to narrow it down. From bungalows with retro color schemes, to sleek high-rises with stark neutrals to Victorians with rich colors to mid-century, boho, eclectic, minimalist, timeless, tailored, cozy styles, and more. How could you ever possibly decide which decor style you should incorporate into your home? Perhaps you can look to the stars to steer you in the right decor direction.

Your zodiac sign could direct you toward the type of decor that will bring out the best in your personality and make you feel right at home. The house tours below feature design vibes that coordinate with each zodiac sign; they just might point you toward a space that will feel like it’s been written in the stars.


March 21 to April 19

Most Aries aren’t looking for a neutral color palette or a calming space to call their own. They want bold, bold, and bolder. Give them exciting, give them action — just don’t try to tame them with beige. An Aries might dream of this “modern-minimal” Brooklyn high-rise apartment, for example, complete with graphic, large-scale prints, in-your-face pops of bright red, and imposing black and gray furniture. It doesn’t hold back and yet it all works together beautifully. 

For the Aries trying to temper their fiery tendencies by staying away from the color red, this New Jersey home’s mustard, black, and gold palette could still heat up their need for a walk on the wild side with daring pattern and striking movement.


April 20 to May 20

Serene, earthy, and organic can be a Taurus’ favorite decor adjectives. Many want a home that grounds them to Mother Earth, and some gravitate toward the warm, natural textures found in spaces like this boho-inspired Denver home. This former dentist’s office has wood paneling and sandy concrete floors that are softened by plush monochromatic neutral fabrics. 

Not every Taurus is up for the challenge of bringing an open space down to earth, so for them, this Australian country home with its minimalist cozy vibes could be a match made in home decor heaven.

A maximalist Los Angeles home.


May 21 to June 19

You never know what you’re going to get with a Gemini. They can be constantly moving and evolving, and some change their preferences as often as they change their decor. This air sign tends to be vivacious and chatty, and their home should be as eclectic as they are. This maximalist, colorful Victorian terraced house in South London could feel like a natural extension of a Gemini’s playful, fun personality. 

Meanwhile, the punchy palette, adventurous furniture, and maximalism of this Los Angeles home could appeal to all sides of the twins of the zodiac.


June 20 to July 22

Some consider Cancers to be the empaths of the zodiac, taking in the sensitivities of the world and nurturing all those around them. Which is exactly why they could need their home to be their calming, serene retreat — a place to get away from it all. A water sign, they tend to gravitate toward shades of blue and the sea, so this cozy, charming Brisbane, Australia cottage could be the type of space where a Cancer can unplug and recharge.

For a city Cancer, this light, bright, and airy Queens home, with its white walls and blue kitchen, could feel both spacious and intimate, the type of place that could make a Cancer feel secure and relaxed.


July 23 to August 22

Leos tend to love drama and theatrics. They often don’t shy away from the spotlight and their homes are no exception. Don’t bother tempting them with minimalism — they have no interest. Their space should be adventurous and outlandish; nothing should hold them back. Dark, sultry, ornate, and eclectic are all words you would use to describe a Leo’s ideal style. This actor’s West Village apartment could be the ideal place for a Leo to settle in.

This Colorado home, with bold, glossy yellow ceiling, vibrant wallpaper, and show-stopping royal blue walls is vigor and sauciness personified in a room — and this is exactly what you might expect from an enthusiastic Leo.


August 23 to September 22

When you have a big project on your hands, a Virgo could be helpful on your side. These tend to be the organized, fastidious, order-keepers of the zodiac, and they can use a space that lets them breathe. Clear out the stuff, keep things simple, and allow them to exist in a space that doesn’t need them to go into their default mode. This vintage minimalist apartment in Barcelona has white walls flowing into white floors, with just the essentials in place to make it feel like a home. It could just be the visual and mental break a Virgo needs.

Continuing the minimalist theme, a Virgo might let out a sigh of relief when they walk into this space of order and cohesiveness in Culver City, California. With a color palette (or lack thereof) that sticks exclusively to black and white, it feels like a visual breath of fresh air.

A gentle, tranquil Los Angeles home.


September 23 to October 22

Libras tend to thrive in harmony. They often look for balance, symmetry, and soft hues. As an air sign, they want a home that feels light and peaceful. An open, airy concept and layers of beautiful neutral textures could make this Los Angeles home feel like the gentle, tranquil space a Libra wants to come home to. 

For the Libra who wants just a dash of color, this modern oasis in Los Angeles incorporates abstract art and forms with calming geometric shapes. Everything feels intentional, grounded, and potentially perfectly suited to a Libra.


October 23 to November 21

Restless, intense Scorpios can have a tendency to be misunderstood and emotional — and they tend to drift into the dark side. They’re sensitive beneath it all and they could use a home that helps them feel cared for and grounded amid all their feelings. This Detroit home could appeal to the Scorpio’s need for deep, rich colors, while tempering them with organic materials that could remind them to come back down to earth on occasion.

The same can be said of this glam and gothic UK home, which has dark walls that could be like a magnet to a Scorpio, yet keep the space connected to nature and the outside world. 

Credit: Carina Romano


November 22 to December 21

A Sagittarius tends to not stay in one place long. They’re often full of wanderlust and adventure, and they’re almost always the life of the party. Their homes tend to be an explosion of color, found objects, and art that remind them of the places they’ve been — and they places they have yet to go. This colorful London house, with its rich jewel tones in every room, overflowing plants, and sumptuous furniture, could be just the right fit for a Sagittarius. It’s teeming with life — just like the knowledge-seeking air sign. 

With their love of learning, a Sagittarius could be beside themselves in this collector’s dream, a historic Philadelphia home with decades of finds from its blogging owners. There are quirky objects and lots of vintage art, all the items that can delight a Sagittarius’ heart. 


December 22 to January 19

A Capricorn is often practical and steadfast; and they’re not usually one to jump on a trend or make a rash decision, and their homes will often express that sentiment perfectly. You usually won’t find a painted arch or a wishbone chair in their space. Instead, they’ll perhaps invest in items that will last them forever. A traditional home is probably where a Capricorn will want to lay their head at night, and this Houston house, filled with timeless silhouettes and beautiful fabrics, fits the bill. 

For the Capricorn who’s just slightly more daring, this stunning Chicago condo, filled with incredible mid-century pieces and elegant touches, could feel like the type of space that will never go out of style.

A modern Scandinavian-style Spanish space.


January 20 to February 18

The free-spirited Aquarius tends to be a forward thinker, often confidently marching to the beat of their own drum. An eclectic modernist space could feel just right, allowing an Aquarius the air and space to brainstorm and dream, while adding just enough eccentricity to let their intellectual, curious personality shine. A modern Scandinavian-style apartment like this Spanish space could be just what the Aquarian is dreaming of. 

Or, perhaps they’ll fall in love with this mid-century, art-filled space in Montreal with modern lines, eye-catching art, and industrial touches.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn
A cozy Canadian home.


February 19 to March 20 

Pisces are inclined to be emotional, sensitive souls who frequently crave a cozy place to rest, removed from the world, where they can explore their interests in art and music. They’re creative types who hold those closest to them tightly and they could use a space that allows them to escape. A soft, blush color palette with layers upon layers of snuggly textiles, like those in this cozy Canadian home, could be what the Pisces needs to let them be themselves and embrace their inner circle. 

The sanctuary that is this “airy, modern, personal” space could also be a Pisces’ dream, with its subtle textures and calming monochromatic palette. It might be the retreat that this air sign craves and needs to operate at their fullest.