These Luxe Flannel Sheets Are the Winter Self-Care Gift You’ll Want to Give Yourself

published Nov 1, 2022
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Credit: Viv Yapp

Ah, flannel sheets. Once one of my favorite cozy, cool-weather bedding essentials, they’ve become more nostalgic than practical over the years. As the easy sleep of childhood got replaced by responsibilities and night sweats, my snowman-clad flannel sheets — the ones as integral to the season as fruitcake and footie pajamas — were replaced by linens made to handle adult-sized body heat. As much as I appreciate a great set of cooling sheets, they don’t quite hit the same mark of coziness for me come wintertime. Grown-up to grown-up, Boll & Branch has a gorgeous set of flannel sheets that lets me have my nostalgia and sleep peacefully, too.

The most luxury, breathable, and dangerously soft material I’ve ever slipped into, Boll & Branch’s organic cotton flannel is somehow also free of the chemicals flannel bedding is often treated with. Instead, the brand emphasizes the quality of their flannel’s weave and brushing process — nothing is rushed here. Once the flannel is brushed, it’s followed by a shearing step that prevents pilling and makes the flannel lightweight and airy. And these differences can be felt — not only immediately, but wash after wash. In fact, Boll & Branch flannel is so smooth that it doesn’t rough up my hair throughout the night.

In truth, though, it was the borderline emotional surprise of waking up wrapped in flannel (in September, by the way) sweat-free that makes putting them on my bed my favorite act of self care so far this season. And since I’m a festive gal, I’ve got half a mind to treat my holiday spirit to the plaid version. What Boll & Branch’s flannel sheets lack in cartoon characters, they make up for in lightness, quality, sustainability (both for the planet and your linen closet), and a level of comfort that goes beyond even kid-me’s wildest footie pajama dreams.