These Ultra-Soft Bamboo Flannel Sheets Keep Me So Warm and Cozy, I (Almost!) Don’t Need My Heat On

published Oct 10, 2022
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Credit: Kassatex.

When I came back from vacation last week, I was already regretting leaving the sunny 75-degree weather in Barcelona to come back to a rainy 50-degree New York City. But when I arrived at my apartment Sunday night, it got worse — our heat and hot water wasn’t working. The thermostat read 58 degrees. Let me tell you that the last thing you want to do after spending nine hours on a plane is take an ice-cold shower. The prospect of sleeping in a freezing cold room under our thin, summer bedding was not appealing to me. Luckily for me, I had a package of Kassatex’s Brushed Flannel Bamboo Sheets Set in my bedding basket, which I had to test for Apartment Therapy anyways.

I am a hot, sweaty sleeper, so before working at AT, I never considered investing in anything heavier than a cotton percale sheet. When it got cold in my prior apartments, I’d just pile layers of blankets and comforters over my bed, wrapping myself in 10 pounds worth of blankets — not even considering that a warmer set of sheets might make it so I didn’t have to create a hibernation den on my bed each night. But when I got the chance to try out Kassatex’s flannel sheets, I was so curious that I immediately said yes.

Flannel sheets are designed to feel warm, but they’re also moisture-wicking and breathable. At first touch, the Kassatex Brushed Flannel Bamboo Sheets Set felt like one of my coziest long-sleeve cotton t-shirts. Made out of 60 percent rayon, derived from bamboo, and 40 percent cotton — and they are by far the softest sheets that I’ve ever owned. They actually made it a little difficult to leave my bed and be productive on Saturday morning, so if you prefer to snuggle up under your covers with a good book and have a slow weekend morning, I highly recommend them.

The ultimate test, though, was whether the sheets and a lightweight duvet comforter could keep us warm enough until our heating problem was fixed. The answer was a resounding yes. These sheets got us through three nights without heat. The combination of the fitted sheet and the flat sheet (which you have to add on when you order the set) was cozy, warm — but not hot. It struck the perfect balance. When I asked my boyfriend, who does not handle colder weather well and would prefer it if our apartment was 74 degrees at all times, if he had felt warm enough sleeping with the sheets, he responded that he had. So this sheets set both has a sweaty sleeper and a cold sleeper’s stamp of approval.

I was also sent the matching duvet cover, but I am saving that for the winter when the weather dips down into the 40s and 30s. I always choose gray bedding for my bedroom, so these heather gray hues matched the rest of my decor perfectly.

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Buy: Brushed Flannel Bamboo Sheet Set, $272 (normally $340)