4 Ways to Make Everyday a “Got Up on the Right Side of the Bed” Day

updated Mar 11, 2020
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Do you wake up a little grouchier than intended a few days a week? Do you wish you woke up with a spring in your step and the energy to tackle the day? Well we can’t make you wake up with a better attitude, but we can suggest four simple but effective ways you can change your day’s outlook in the first few minutes of waking up.

Make your bedside a soft transition into a good morning (and day)

Let the good vibes roll from the very first minute you open your eyes, stretch and step out of bed. Have a soft, fluffy rug by your bed that you step onto. Have a bouquet of flowers or something scented to wake up beside. Make sure your first view is of a clean, organized room decorated in a way that motivates you. Immediately pampering yourself as soon as you wake up will send a signal to your brain that the day is going to be enjoyable (and the feeling just might last).

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Drink a glass of water

Senior writer Jennifer tried out this 10-second trick over the summer, and the results were simple and effective. How could this keep the grouchiness at bay for the rest of the day? Well no one likes to be dehydrated, and downing a glass of water in the morning will get you back on the track of hydration for the rest of the day, making sure you operate optimally.

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Make your morning nutrients easier to get to

While in Europe we noticed a trend on the rise, and that’s making breakfast a slower, more enjoyable part of the day. So decide what it is that you love the most about your ideal breakfast — is it a healthy omelet? A nice cup of coffee? Decide what is it you love to eat and drink in the morning, and then make it easier on yourself. Chop your omelet veggies the night before. Assemble a nice array of coffee and tea supplies that even in a sleep state you can use. And take time to savor whatever it is you choose to eat or imbibe to start your day.

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Have everything you need for the day already assembled in your entryway

Save yourself the time and frustration of searching for your briefcase, laptop, keys and whatever else you might need in the morning, by making sure they’re all ready to go and in one place (preferably in your entryway or near the door you leave out of).