5 Ways to Battle the “Not Enough Outlets” Problem

updated Jul 15, 2020
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Old apartments have so much character, don’t they? The solid walls, the carefully crafted architectural details, the two power outlets in the whole place… yikes! If you’re loving your pre-war apartment, but hating having no place to plug in your hair dryer, check out if one of these five solutions can help.

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1. Install New Outlets
Yeah, this might not work for everybody—especially renters. But if you own your home (or can convince your landlord that it’s a good investment), installing new outlets is the way to go. Check out Charles & Hudson’s 5 Simple Steps to Installing Electrical Outlets for tips.

2. Double Your Plug-In Space
Start at the source and battle your outlet woes with an adapter that can double your plugs, like this 4-outlet rotating adapter from 360 Electrical. Not only can you plug in four gadgets where you used to power two, but you’re able to plug in four bulky devices with transformers, thanks to each outlet’s rotating action.

3. Make Your Tech Pull Double Duty
Your office space probably needs 4,857 outlets on it’s own, right? So make your laptop—or some other brick-attched device—do double duty with this Elecom AC Adapter Tap. This little device plugs in between your power cord and your AC Adapter brick to give you two extra plugs.

4. Extend, Extend, Extend
If your problem is more “the outlets aren’t where I need them to be,” your best bet for battling your power problems is going to be working with extension cords. But you don’t have to live with traffic-cone orange industrial cords. Try Multi-Lines, colorful extension cords (available in white, blue or pink) that stagger their outlets along the length of the cord, offering you three plugs in three different places for each one you plug in to the wall.

5. Go Without
If you can’t install new outlets and aren’t down with wires strung all over the house, well then it looks like you’re going to have to cut down on your devices. Can you live without a microwave? Without wireless internet? Make a choice to cut down and you might find you have more outlets than you know what to do with.