Inspiring Workspaces That Will Make You Ready To Take On Even the Worst Monday

Inspiring Workspaces That Will Make You Ready To Take On Even the Worst Monday

Brittney Morgan
Mar 26, 2017
(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

When you work from home (whether full-time or even just the occasional catch up day) it's important to have a space carved out that's just for getting things done. Not only because it's hard to be productive and creative when you're sitting in bed with a laptop, but because it's hard to separate work and life when you spend half your time working in spaces that aren't really designed for it.

And a well-designed workspace—whether it's an entire studio dedicated to your art or a little nook carved out of your bedroom—can make all the difference. A space where you can focus, that feels like home but has personality and invites creativity can help keep you motivated. These spaces are beautiful to look at, but they also get the functional workspace thing so right, and here's why.

Everything in this workspace feels like a literal breath of fresh air. It's bright, airy, crisp and neat, but the plants give it a little life, and the wall hanging, chair and basket all add texture. And all that natural light? Great for being productive.

This space feels a little more luxe—between the bold wallpaper, the plant and small touches like the bird statue and the candle sconce, it looks more like a tropical oasis than a workspace. Perfect for when you need motivation to make it to an actual vacation.

This little nook is part of a woodworking studio, and it's like an island of life and color in a much bigger industrial space. The color blocking on the wall gives it extra personality, and the art is hung with binder clips so it doesn't clash with the rest of the studio. It's an inviting space that's perfect for doing work between projects.

More of a plant (and art) paradise than an office, this workspace has a lot going on, but in the best way because it totally works. It feels cozy but functional; organized but not too minimalist—exactly the kind of space you could hunker down in and be creative all day, without feeling like you're stuck inside.

Some people need minimal decor happening around their desk, but for others, a bold and loud space is really inspiring and can jumpstart new ideas. This space is a perfect example—there's so much color, the neon lights add a pop of interest, and the pegboard keeps it neat and full (not cluttered).

On the flip side, for something impeccably organized, quiet and clean, this workspace is great if you just need a calm place to focus. The colors are calm and muted, there's not a lot on the desk (the plant is a great addition!) and the photo display on the wall makes for a way to add personal touches without distractions.

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