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7 Things Actress and Host Adrienne Bailon Puts on Her Nightstand — And One Thing She Definitely Doesn’t

published Dec 10, 2021
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Our nightstand setup says a lot about how we like to end the day and start another. What’s On My Nightstand asks celebrities, entrepreneurs, and beyond what essentials they like to keep within arm’s reach. 

Nightstand items can reveal a lot about a person’s interests and priorities, and when it comes to Adrienne Bailon, it’s all about taking care of herself through her beauty routine.

In a recent interview with Apartment Therapy, Bailon — through her partnership with Olay Body — revealed all of the essentials she keeps on and in her bedside table, giving an insider glimpse into a regiment she holds dear to her heart.

“I am that girl in the middle of the night and I need lip balm, I open a drawer and it has tons of beauty products,” she said during the interview. Well, it’s time to dive in and find out what that looks like:

Credit: Zoë Burnett

Jade roller: Bailon loves having a good jade roller right by her side, and it’s proven that using this tiny tool helps increase facial circulation by massaging your tissues.

Gua sha: Similar to a jade roller, Bailon also keeps a gua sha handy. Luckily, jade rollers and gua shas are often paired together, so you can get both in one add-to-cart motion.

Lip balm: Like mentioned above, Bailon needs a lip balm nearby in case she wakes up in the middle of the night (chapped lips can surface at the most unexpected times).

Credit: Zoë Burnett

Sleep mask: Bailon’s go-to recommendation for a sleep mask is her Slip Silk Sleep Mask, which she keeps on her nightstand.

Wet wipes: These days, wipes is an extremely normal thing to have at all times, but they aren’t for Bailon’s hands — they’re for her feet. “I keep wipes in my nightstand because I clean my feet before I put them under the sheets,” Bailon mentioned. “I’m very weird about having dirty feet and then getting them in the sheets.”

Body lotion: Moisturizing is the name of the game. Bailon likes to have her body lotion, specifically for her feet post-wipes. “I’m wild about moisturizing my feet and putting on fuzzy socks before bed,” the actress said. “I wipe my feet, moisturize the legs, the thighs, and then put on fuzzy socks and get right under the sheets, and I’m like ahhh.” She says she uses Olay Firming Body Lotion with Collagen to do the job.

Essential oils: There’s nothing like a little aroma therapy to help you relax, and Bailon keeps her essential oils close when bedtime comes around. There’s a scent for everyone, too.

Things to avoid putting on the nightstand: As much as she loves candles, Bailon strongly advises against having one on your nightstand and keeping it on while you sleep — but not for the reason that you think.  “One day, I woke up and my nose had black soot in it. I ended up googling, and they say it’s not the best thing to have a candle directly on the side of your bed [because] you are breathing in some interesting things,” Bailon said “I love the idea of lighting a candle to have the aroma throughout the day, but at night, turn the candle off. You will wake up with soot in your nose.”

Another thing she avoids keeping on her nightstand at all costs: junk. “I feel like my brain is already cluttered, so my nightstand can’t be cluttered, too. So it’s important to stay organized and really clean. I try to do a little clean out every so often, just to make sure what you need is in there. There’s nothing worse than having to get up out of bed.”

What Chanel from “The Cheetah Girls” would have on her nightstand: “Chanel has a notepad that is ‘cheetah-licious,’ it’s a cheetah notepad with a cheetah pad for writing down lyrics of songs,” Bailon envisioned. “She also has a cheetah planner that she pulls out to help keep Galleria focused on what the goal and their scheduling is. She has a Chanel lip balm that she stole from her mom, AirPods to listen to music, and her cell phone. She’s got jewelry — I feel like whatever she just took off is piled up on the corner of her nightstand. And most of all, she has a picture of her and bubbles as babies, divas in diapers in a frame.”

Thanks for chatting with us, Adrienne!